GoPro Parachute Nerf Gun Cannon - INSANE! (GoPro in Cannon)
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GoPro Parachute Nerf Gun Cannon – INSANE! (GoPro in Cannon)

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Love your #GoPro ? Well in this video we created the coolest GoPro Accessories. We mounted a GoPro to a parachute, built a cannon and laucnhed the GoPro in the cannon 100+ feet up in the air and hoped that the parachute opened. Sometimes the parachute opened sometimes to parachute failed and the GoPro took some MASSIVE hits…. this video is a must see! LMK how you like it! #GoProCannon

*Although our experiments and Nerf Mods are fun to watch please do not attempt any dangerous ones that we show. These are purely for entertainment purposes and not meant to be re-created. Please stay safe 😊

Potato Cannon we used was built with PVC pipes. We basically went to Home Depot and assembled all the pieces in Home Depot (as you will see). The GoPro Canon is fired by using hairspray and a taser. The Canon gun works great, is cheap to build and very reliable!

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