iGoMic by MicW - The BEST GoPro External Microphone?? REVIEW & SAMPLE AUDIO
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iGoMic by MicW – The BEST GoPro External Microphone?? REVIEW & SAMPLE AUDIO

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The MicW iGoMic comes complete in a handy kit and comprises an X-Y stereo-matched pair of microphone capsules specially designed for GoPro cameras. Using a matched pair with capsules configured at 90º X-Y coincident, the iGoMic provides a wide stereo image with natural depth and is ideal for recording music, sports events and ambient sound. It is small, lightweight and rugged. It also can be used with DSLR and video cameras.

Is the audio quality really much better then the GoPro built in microphones?? Lets take a look!!…….

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Intro – 0:00
What is the iGoMic? – 0:30
Package Contents – 1:22
Closer Look – 2:30
Connecting to a GoPro – 3:23
Audio Quaility / Test – 5:00
Final Thoughts – 6:22

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23 Replies to “iGoMic by MicW – The BEST GoPro External Microphone?? REVIEW & SAMPLE AUDIO”

  1. Until today didn't see this stereo mic, I need to check it is UNI directional but after watching the well explained video I think so. My opinion, little sharp sound but perhaps is that always the issue with stereo sound. I use today with iPhone the Fostex AR101, old dated mono to stereo converter made 2012 for the 4S. So far I know is it the only equipment that made it possible using more than two microphone Lavalier. I have used 4 original elbow UNI directional (I have 2 Fostex ar101.) The only negatives is the work to set up the installation to avoid noises and the work to find out how to get the 4 mics working smoothly together on same sound level. 
    The MicW IGoMic? It is already stereo, it can work with using the Fostex, the two elbow UNI original mics attached on the Fostex via an 3.5 mm jack splitter on both input female Fostex AR jacks. There left two female jacks free on the splitter to use, to get the MicW iGoZMic attached are two mono splitters needed ( you know, the on with red and white 3.5 mm female plug. As I mentioned I did the job with 4 Lavaliers, I used also the Rode.com Lavaliers, they are great mics but to noisy because of omni directional. Do not misunderstand, Rode mics are really good Lavaliers, It is perhaps always noisy when is used omni direct in outsides conditions, bus, tram, truck, the background sound is really to high. I'm pleased to find this clip, I was interested in 2 x ETM-008 Lavalier, two of this Lavalier has the same cost as the single stereo microphone MicW, Edutige is little pricy comparing the Rode.com, an little dead kitten cost 5 euro more than the big quality dead kitten from Rode. I just need to know two things of the presented stereo mic MicW IGoMic : is it unidirectional and were to order the FURRY, the right fitting dead kitten?I negotiate with Edutige for 310 euro but the company seems to follow the hard line. No problem, there are enough possibilities, the proof is here to see on the video. As I said, the sound is sharp, is this normal for this stereo single mics? The Fostex has not exactly that clear sound. Question for those that use already this stereo mic, which dead kitten furry for windy situations?
    The dead kitten is really important matter.
    Last, why stereo? An human voice is mono right? When I made time for an stereo trip with the bike than I come in environment of nature, spread the mic left and right from each other and the stereo is full active, the two other mics I use today are not comfortable attached and bulky on the chest. Yes the Rode are fine but pity, omni direct. I'm curious, let me know were to order the furry and i think to order this innovated MicW iGoMic

  2. Hi ifbashir,
    Could you please assist with your extensive contact. A supplier for the IGoMic PP015 Cold-shoe mount request location of a mistrial beast.
    I have contacted the official UK supplier and Fred in the Netherlands to no avail. I have just e mailed assistance from there main office in China.
    Regards Chris Bull
    Please keep up the great work.

  3. Hello Ifti,

    It has been awhile now since you did this review and as of right now I am still planing on getting the iGoMic as it is one of the best External Mics I have seen so far and your review of the iGoMic has me convince it is the best out there so far.

    So I like to know Ifti have you come across any better small form factor in a external mic for the GoPro 4 or is the the iGoMic still the #1 external mic to get for the GoPro 4 ?.

    I am not planning on getting this till late February 2016 so I know I still have time yet to see if anything better will come out..

    So I wanted to see if you think the iGoMic is still going to be the best external mic as of right now to get?

  4. Thanks again Ifti for another great review. Just one question, when you did the tests did you have the foam cover on the mike? As some of the other comments the price is a little to much for me but I'm sure that there are some that would pay the price for it. I must say that from the sound in the review the improvement in quality didn't justify the cost of the unit.
    Still a great review as always. Keep em' coming.
    Cheers Kym

  5. Contrary to some opinions here, there is more than a small difference in sound.  Perhaps those saying that are listening on their computer speakers.  This mic is far better than the stock mic, add the windsock and there will be little if any wind noise in action shots, the biggest annoyance in GoPro video in my opinion.  This is a quality mic that will last, and for those looking for quality then this would be a great option.  Thanks for the review.

  6. $159?… buy a cheap china mic that will work just as good for WAY less. My lavaliers are less than $3 each so is my boom & external. They work just as good as any sony optimus or any other costlier mic.

  7. There's not that much difference to the gopro built in mic. Gonna give it a pass. Just need a mic that would do to get better sound quality in my videos. This is too expensive.

  8. Can I just ask you Sir, what Microphone are you using for these videos? And is the camera you use to film this video using a GoPro?

  9. OK @iftibashir, Here's the thing – I just need a microphone to attach to the GoPro 3.5mm mic adapter and be next to the camera (no lavalier mic required at this stage). That's all…no other attachments. I use the GoPro stationary on a tripod so a boom bar and other accessories are just additional mounts that I don't require and would rather not pay for. Any suggestions?

  10. Question, how do you connect the iGoMic to the 3-Way Grip?  The 3-Way Grip has a flat connector where the iGoMic "boom" arm needs to be placed.  Is it possible? 

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