iPhone XS Camera Test - 4K 60fps Cinematic Video
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iPhone XS Camera Test – 4K 60fps Cinematic Video

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My iPhone Xs Max review is coming soon but in the meaning time I wanted to drop a quick 4K 60fps video test to link back to. Enjoy!
iPhone Xs vs Xs Max Unboxing!

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iPhone Xs or Xs Max Giveaway!

S/O to Stevie Status for the help!

The new iPhone Xs & Xs Max feature 5.8″ and 6.1″ OLED displays, Apple’s A12 Bionic Chip, dual 12MP cameras, better battery life and more.

Comparing two of the new 2018 #iPhone models #iPhoneXs vs #iPhoneXsmax

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33 Replies to “iPhone XS Camera Test – 4K 60fps Cinematic Video”

  1. Did you shoot any of the iPhone Xs video using a gimbal? If so was there any "jello" effect or stabilization problems like with the X?

  2. Dope. I have the Xs Max, smooth 4, led lighting, movo mic, filmic pro, LumaFusion the whole 9. I really want to get into music videos and cinematic videos using my setup. Im confident in shooting but the editing is where I get intimidated. Like cutting shots, b-roll locations, effects, what fps to use etc im lost so ill be stuck with some great footage but dont know how to place it lol.

  3. The camera's kickin' in… Nice video! Btw, I'm entering your XR giveaway and hopefully I can win it cause my 5 seriously need an upgrade TT

  4. DAMN. Is that with the extended dynamic range on? This is honestly the quality I have been waiting smartphones to reach. I am planning to switch my work over to an iPhone XR for the portability, and it looks like that will be the right choice.

  5. This video is so crispy! It's amazing how great the video and sound quality is that can be captured using an iPhone XS. At the same time it's super unfortunate how much detail you lose watching this video on an iPhone XS Max. I went and watched this on a Note 9 and the difference is night and day. 1080p playback on the iPhone XS Max just doesn't do it any justice.

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