"New Youtube": Can You Still Make Money?
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“New Youtube”: Can You Still Make Money?

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Leave your thoughts about these changes on Youtube down below!

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36 Replies to ““New Youtube”: Can You Still Make Money?”

  1. Sub to my channel I will sub back reply done when u have and I will sub right away !!!!!! I am a new YouTuber so I will also love feed back

  2. I really appreciate all your videos that detail your YouTube experience, it has been super helpful and encouraging! Congratulations on your growing channel!

  3. like everyone is talking about earning money with youtube but NO ONE talks about taxes… I didn't think about taxes at all so I'm so happy you did!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for your videos! I really want to start my own youtube channel but am terrified and also have no clue what I'm doing. Your videos are very real and very helpful! I LOVE your channel!

  5. This video was honestly so helpful. Thank you so much for all this insightful info!! Its so hard to find you tubers who actually talk about these things. I haven't met the $100 threshold yet (hopefully soon) but this video gave me encouragement. Thank you!

  6. I had every new vid I did (over 10) be demonetized and my vid is 100% family friendly. But thankfully the seem to have left me alone now.

  7. Hi I have a question, it would really help if u could answer. I love ur videos but most of ur videos doesn't have more than 10,000 views than howcome u still get monthly money? Thanku

  8. Wait, if the glasses are supposed to be anti reflective then why can we still see the light rings? No offense I wear glasses too I just wanna know.

  9. Great video! I looove your channel! I heard that if you get flagged for de-monetization that you should check your closed caption option. Sometimes it transcribes a word to a curse word inaccurately and you can edit it to correct it. I was also told if you upload 48 hours ahead of time as unlisted it will often flag (if it's going to) while it's still private at which point you can submit for review and get it cleared before you make it public. I don't have my 10,000 views yet but just sharing for those who do 🙂

  10. I was being cautious, but they dropped that 10k views rule on me and now, hell I'm doing anything I can now to get to my 10k.

  11. I don't know who would sit down and watch a 40min video to determine wather a video is advertiser friendly or not, but I do think that they do it somehow because my last video got demonetized I applied it within 24Hours the video was remonetized.

  12. This is very helpful!! thank you can you watch my channel and give me pointers on improvement and what I can do to increase my video views? should I buy some nice scenery for the background?

  13. You, and your channel inspires me so much! what video editing program do you use? and what software do you use, to create your thumbnails? thanks

  14. Hi Anne so what I heard about video Demonetizing is that youtube is testing a new algorithm to better demonetise unadvertizer friendly videos, so you have to apply your videos so that the new algorithm can learn from all the applied videos, I'm not sure how true this is.

  15. Giiiiiirl, I love my Firmoo glasses. Did a review on them back in the Spring, and my four friend codes were snatched up in 24 hrs. LOL. Gr8 vlog as usual and prayerfully I’ll be able to catch you live again.

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