Save a Still Image From Edit- GoPro Studio 2.0:GoPro Tips and Tricks
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Save a Still Image From Edit- GoPro Studio 2.0:GoPro Tips and Tricks

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In this GoPro editing tips and tricks video I show all you need to know to save a still image from one or your edits. This is part of a series of video I have showing in great detail how to use every part of GoPro Studio 2.0. Make sure you check out the who playlist so you can get the best results possible from your edits.

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48 Replies to “Save a Still Image From Edit- GoPro Studio 2.0:GoPro Tips and Tricks”

  1. Hello! Thnks for sharing this. I ask you, what is the name of the software that you use to make this Tutorial and that it has a yellow circle and makes sounds

  2. But how can I put this picture into my movie? Because it seems gopro can only add pictures that have actually been taken with the gopro, but it can't add these pictures into my movie

  3. Is there anyway to export a full sized image? Every time I export an image it is in like a wide screen format. Anyway to change that?

  4. Great video, nice and clear and has really helped me out. I am finding that the quality of my video once I originally take it into the editor is as expected from a Gopro. Once I select the part of the video that I want and then convert it to take the still, I find that the quality really drops and becomes pix-elated. Have you ever had this problem yourself and if so do you have any ways to resolve? It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Ive been trying to save an image i took with my hero 4 silver all night an get rid of the fisheye too. I remembered your vids and bingo I've got it!! Thanks so much for all your help with this and all my other GP questions. 

  6. On mine it let me export one still shot from the clip and now I tried skipped forward a few seconds and the tabs aren't clickable…ugh i swear these things need to come with a textbook

  7. My Mac will not allow this. Please help before I smash this shit camera up with a hammer, its driving me nuts that I cannot produce stills from a  video.

  8. This is great!  Many thanks.  GoPro on-line help is hopelessly over-simplified and skips important steps, IE convert then edit then you can grab a frame.

  9. Export as pdf I think…
    Does anyone know if gopro offers the ability to stop a song and play the actual audio from video and then go back to the song again ?

  10. Great video but i have a question your video did not cover. How to taKE THAT IMAGE and upload it for editinbg in the studio. When go to add it as a media, the jpeg pic is never shown in its destination spot. Its blank. 

  11. Thank you! I have been taking screenshots of the whole screen and coping for instagram. Picture quality will be much better with this method correct? Liked and subscribed.

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