Surface Go Review - It’s Awesome
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Surface Go Review – It’s Awesome

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Dave2D review of the Microsoft Surface Go. This is the best 2 in 1 laptop from Microsoft for students on a tighter budget.
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This 2in1 tablet/laptop is incredibly small and has a ton of potential for people who need an ultra portable device that can be used as a comfortable tablet as well as a very functional laptop. This is great for developers, students, work or even for media consumption as a secondary device.

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40 Replies to “Surface Go Review – It’s Awesome”

  1. Surface Go has a ton of potential. I wish the keyboard wasn't so expensive but it really is a tiny and super portable Surface computer. Thanks for watching!

  2. Huawei matebook E is 100 times better than this mediocre device.
    Surface go price is 500+100 for keyboard and Huawei matebook E with intel core M3 processor price is around 650(with keyboard).

  3. Great design, but if I was a student I'd get a used Thinkpad (probably a t440s) and a Samsung Galaxy tablet for reading/notes (Galaxy Tab A SM-P580 10.1 from 2016 with stylus ). Both would end up costing <= than the mid tier Surface Go BUT the Thinkpad would be repairable and have a really long and replaceable battery!

  4. The surface pro is the best i am getting one my old laptop broke so i am getting this for Christmas so I can upload videos again on YouTube

  5. I have a question, are you forced to buy the original Keyboard?, i was thinking to but a cheaper one, what do you guys think?

  6. I wanted to buy it, but… Is it worth it upgrading from a Surface Pro 2? I mean, at least the processor is slighty faster than the i5-4200u?

  7. But it has a Intel-Pentium-Gold-4415Y…. 30% slower than the Intel-Core-i5-3317U released in their original surface…. 6 freaking years ago… i couldnt stomach that.

  8. I bought 1 year old Surface pro 4 (m3, 4gb, 128gb) with Keyboard and Pen for 550€. I think this is a better deal, the Price for the Go, especially for the keyboard is to high.

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