DJI MAVIC KILLER? - HUBSAN ZINO 4K Drone $369 - Compare, Flights, Range - Honest Review
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DJI MAVIC KILLER? – HUBSAN ZINO 4K Drone $369 – Compare, Flights, Range – Honest Review

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Cheaper than a Mavic and BETTER? Side by side comparison of both the Mavic Pro 4K Video and ZINO 4K Video. Comparison of both cameras on an overcast day. Not everyone lives in Hawaii. See what it would look like on a typical overcast day. Enjoy the honest review by Justin Davis.

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23 Replies to “DJI MAVIC KILLER? – HUBSAN ZINO 4K Drone $369 – Compare, Flights, Range – Honest Review”

  1. Not bad for the money and since I haven't learned how to adjust camera settings the video is better than I get with the mavic. From Maple Ridge B.C. Canada

  2. I had q hubsan 501s I liked it but I was kinda imbarased to take it with me flying cus it's cheap n my gear isnt anything crazy.I fly a emax babyhawk pro in a different frame n a whoop but drone camps is my go to for reviews. I wish I had his gear lol but keep the vids coming it helps people like me who are pretty new to this hobby I broke my back n out of work n cant drive so I got a toy drone loved it now I have my babyhawk n hope to move on to bigger n better soon. Building my two lil girls whoops for Christmas hopefully this summer I can build my 5inch. If your building for the first time definitely follow drone camps he will personally help.

  3. Mavic 2Pro and zoom and the Mavic Pro all 3 will now land within a few Inches of where they take off from. New update took care of that.

  4. Did you update the DJI firmware? Latest version reintroduces precision landing…. My RTH's now are spot on the landing pad every time..

  5. Great review Justin. I've got the Mavic Pro and love it. Have the Hubsan h501s and although i don't really fly her anymore due to unreliability issues, my very first drone that i'll keep hold of, but i'm loving how this drone looks and performs. great smooth flying and great colours in the camera. I think Hubsan have done really well with this one in every department. Thanks for sharing and thanks for a great review. Cheers. 🙂

  6. For the Price & quality, Definitely worth getting for yourself or a Gift. I have the Mavic 2 & this surprised me. Thanks for the video.

  7. How in the world could anyone think that this is anywhere near Mavic. The only thing it has in common with the Mavic is that is a Drone……
    Try $75.

  8. Hi I'm Dominic from Lakewood, Ohio. Great honest review. Drone Camps RC definitely has the best, most honest and informative reviews which I appreciate very much.

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