DJI OSMO Pocket vs. GOPRO 7 (which has better stabilization??)
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DJI OSMO Pocket vs. GOPRO 7 (which has better stabilization??)

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47 Replies to “DJI OSMO Pocket vs. GOPRO 7 (which has better stabilization??)”

  1. If I was an amateur filmmaker(which I’m not even a filmmaker at all), and the only two choices I had was this two products, I’d choose dji, because one big thing I don’t like about gopros is the fish eye, it just deforms everything. Although the mic is not very good on neither, the GoPro sort of wins that one. The stabilization is pretty good for what I see on both

  2. Make a Pro version of the OSMO 30% bigger with a 1 inch sensor and 3 inch screen for $700 and you got the only Vlogging camera anyone needs.

  3. The problem I have with the sound is that it seems to work sometimes, but not others on the microphone level. The go pro has decidedly average to below average general sound collecting everything… Where is the Pocket when it works sounds a lot better and more directional, however in the video that you shot, it seem to switch on and off between crappy and good… If they can fix this they can fix the issue of whether it’s a good login camera or not

  4. Didn't want to say it because I really like the form factor of the Osmo but the GoPro looks way better EXCEPT for the fish eye lens!

    Audio is unsurprisingly terrible on both.

  5. I can't remember; have you ever checked out the DJI osmo mobile 2. It's a very very good priced gimball for mobile phones which allows you to have so many professional features for filming on your phone !!

  6. i dont care , canon g7x arent accessible yet in canada , so , we dont have any tech devices here. im looking for a canon g7x for about 3 years

  7. Both seem like nice, personal sized devices, but the GoPro seems a bit more professional, whereas the DJI seems a bit more personal and has a secondary, if you need something quick/on the go kind of vibe. It even looks to be a bit more convenient in it's portability in comparison, though I'd hope both had some kind of clip on option for a hands-free use. Can't say I'm feeling the audio on either, but I wouldn't expect too much from something so small. Still, I think I'd end up going with the GoPro overall. Thx for the review.

  8. casey big fan…. !! but this more or less a promotion for go pro 7… end of every shot the gopro7 wins in terms of its wide angle lens may.. what say

  9. surprised to see people saying the dji looks better, im not sure if it's the fisheye playing on people a little. The better image by far in my opinion is the GoPro on this occasion. Better lighting, sharpness and temp.

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