GoPro History: The Rise & Fall of an American Camera Company
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GoPro History: The Rise & Fall of an American Camera Company

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Nick Woodman went from selling shells out of a VW van to running the greatest American camera company of the 21st century & donating $500 million to charity. Or, Nick Woodman was a rich kid turned QVC salesman who made himself billions at the expense of his investors. Which story is the true story? Chelsea & Tony cover the history of GoPro cameras and try to figure out what went wrong.

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38 Replies to “GoPro History: The Rise & Fall of an American Camera Company”

  1. GoPro is a genius marketing endeavor, here you have a company with no moat (technology wise) but yet managed to attract 3 billion USD of public capital on day one of its IPO.

  2. Dji was already ahead of GoPro with drone technology. When the GoPro hero 1 was born Especially with gps and flight controllers. Sad that he didn’t follow his own advice but he built it easy that’s why he got relaxed, the hunger wasn’t there to succeed and grow.

  3. Thanks a lot for these informations, you guys really know how to keep your viewer's attention despite the video being almost 45 minutes long. Thumbs up

  4. i really love the karma and regret selling it the all in one solution is amazing compared to having to use apps that have spelling mistakes in them lol

  5. The video edit of this podcast is so wildly jarring and lazy. Audio is great and works hard, but the video edit could benefit from, you know, b-roll.

  6. Nice video. I love the videos you guys make, just a couple of cool nerds (in a good way, and yes, it is is possible) laying it out there. You've done your homework, and it always shows. Kind of a downer story, but I need to move on from my GoPro cameras anyway. My most recent is a Hero 5 Black. So you like the Yi?

  7. Steve was cooler than Nick. See, I didn't write the last name and you know who we are talking about. Try doing that with Nick =)

  8. Thomas A. Edison left school in his early teens to sell newspapers on inter-urban trains. He eventually negotiated an exclusive distribution arrangement for daily papers on these trains and the rest as they say is history. I would call that a pretty humble beginning, becoming great on your own daring and initiative, not some rich kid getting money from his parents.

  9. Must be nice to make money sitting in front of cameras judging others success? What have you guys done lately to produce a product.??

  10. I believe it he self indulged just out for a quick buck obviously he's got the smarts to developed this camera but you do have to stay humble throughout. obviously you're going to make money but it is scatchy all the stuff he's done. I believe if you have self worth is to help the people that you hire the people that do the sweat and blood to make the company grow and you should invest in your people cuz they're going to make you even stronger than the money that you already made. And Nick is not that it me first and then we'll worry about the rest.need a new CEO to think out of the box… Nick can still make money.

  11. He is spawn of banker and knows that you don't use your own money. That's way too dangerous, better to risk someone else's hard earned and dodge the liability. Then if all goes tits up he can still walk away as a billionaire.

  12. is it dead= okay i not buy lol. yes chinese are similar. gopro not cost that much build. same goes apple products- this year more faster more memory SAME price. building it cost less than last year lol. when people learn. no need buy new apple every year. if they just sell last year model cheaper. they could get windows users

  13. You guys rock, pretty much the only channel where I want to watch each episode start to finish! (and do!) Keep it up, very informative and interesting. I love the chemistry! YEEEEEE!!

  14. Great video! It's rare that I watch a video from start to finish over 30 minutes. I've been a financial advisor for over 30 years and now run my own stock advisory firm. I've made a lot of money for my clients owning adobe ( the recurring revenue model is the key), now microsoft…etc. One story you did not mention on Mr. Woodman was this article from Forbes Nick actually had an opportunity to pair up with dji, but got into an argument on naming the device. He really underestimated dji. I have a side business in video/photography and own three dji drones and a GoPro hero 5. I gave my Karma away to an art student with a gopro 4. I made so much money shorting this stock, I would like to thank Nick for his arrogance on many appearances on cnbc. I agree. Great Marketer….but, he seemed to think he was invincible. Nick….and others like him (Elan Musk etc) did have access to money and opportunity, but their enthusiasm and optimism can drive a business. He just fell victim to that…."I can do no wrong" attitude and missed out on some great opportunities…particularly with dji. (a remarkable company). btw. He set up what is called a charitable trust that allows one to designate money for charity without immediately naming the recipient. And yes, he did receive a tax deduction….as he should…because he gave up all rights to the money. He cannot take it back…..he can only donate to charities via this trust. It's a good thing really because someone who needs it will benefit in the future. His deduction is based on the value as of the date he gave the money…..He really couldn't control the price in the future. Can't really fault him for that. (but then….arrogance precedes the fall)

  15. In Nov of 2013 60 Minutes did a show on the amazing GoPro. No doubt it boosted sales and contributed to the GoPro legend. Now I wonder about the quality of 60 Minute's research.

  16. Tony, you are right he should sell some assets and invest back into the company. When Elon Musk was about to lose it all He invested a ton his own money and is back on track to be on the winning side!

  17. Elon Musk is my response to your question, "Can you think of one CEO cooler than Nick Woodman?" Nick is cool, but not Elon cool

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