How to GO PRO?
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How to GO PRO?

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I’m back from my VACations…;) and had some good time there!
In today’s video, let’s talk a bit about how to go pro in CS:GO!
Good to be back!

42 Replies to “How to GO PRO?”

  1. How to get pro:

    Don't play at ECL.
    Don't watch this video.
    Practice by your own and watch good videos of good players not like this guy that thinks he is getting somewhere by his own sacrifice.

  2. i dont think ill ever go pro, but i wanna get better, i wanna grind the game, i wanna be good, thats why the game is so fun

  3. Hey Jeff, I think a good video to make will be on the actual lifestyle of pros. You alluded to it at the end of the video but it felt like it stopped a bit short- would you be able to make a video on the actual daily routines, diets, off-time, holidays, strictness and rules etc of living a "pro" life?

    Edit: maybe even salary

  4. I have an account that was VAC banned but I did not cheat on it. I let my friend use it so we could play MM together. A week later I end up finding out that my alt account was VAC'ed. Since then, I've been sticking to my main and I haven't talked to that person since. If I ever want to go pro will this prevent me from doing so?

  5. im gn2 but i play really really good. i`ve been on some teams but they were not orginised. they were just a team. any tips?

  6. What happens if you made a steam acct for your friend and bought Cs go on it and over the years you find out he cheated and got banned how would that effect going pro?

  7. Jeff, you should add a bit more detail to the lifestyle of going pro. The time sacrifice you mentioned. You need to also say that it you travel a lot and have to sacrifice part of your day to go to practice with your team and also you have little time to see your family.

  8. How to GoPro

    ok no, rly: Jeff, your giving out really good advice. I'mo 15-16 and I wanna start with youtube, and kinda go pro too. But yeah, I gotta keep doing school. :/
    Thank's 4 the advice, your really someone who deserves a name IN the game 😉
    Congrats! 400K ! 😀

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