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From having a good time to having a ruptured spleen. Here is my motorcycle crash experience. I decided to continue filming after the accident, to bring you all with me on this crazy ride. Be safe out there fellow riders. You never know what’s around the corner! I hope you not only find this entertaining, but educational as well. Subscribe and share with your friends! New videos every week, no matter what.

Also, wear your protective gear. As many of you know from past videos, I rarely ride without my jacket, but this day was warm and I made a poor decision. Although it probably wouldn’t have saved my spleen, I would have avoided the road rash. Be safe and wear the gear.

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  1. "Please don't take pictures" translates to "I don't want any video/photo evidence of any screw up's I am about to do!)

  2. My friend was jumping on her tramp and she fell off and started throwing up, she ruptured her spleen, shortly after I got into a car accident and got a hole in my small intestine, I hope your okay!!!!

  3. I mean no hate or shade thrown when I say this, but I hope you got consent from the staff to film them. I'm a Registered Respiratory Therapist in a trauma center & have been filmed without my consent. This is a violation of staff's privacy. Glad you're ok.

  4. I enjoyed the Video. Motorcycles are dangerous. so is eating Lettuce ! Do whatever you gotta do that's dangerous while you are still young enough to heal. I did a lot of Motorcycle thrill shows and broke and bent a lot of body parts. As you get older the injuries come back and Hurt Blah Blah Blah. I'm old enough to be your grandfather, let me give you some sage advice! Never Take Shit From Anybody, Live your life, have fun

  5. Lmao this makes me think of the time that i went into a procedure and I couldn’t walk and my dad was pushing me in a wheel chair making me do wheelies

  6. Spleen is a highly vascular organ, so chance of internal bleeding and going into shock is high even possibly death. You’re lucky

  7. To know what’s gonna happen before it happens on video, I’m like uh oh you gonna have a bad day if you don’t slow down

    Yes I’m really high

  8. Karma man I know it's a bitch,but you shouldn't of made fun of the baby bike.Dont know what a spleen is but sounds horrible.Lets just say thank God you were not paralized or worse.

  9. This reminds me of when I had my car accident and had a hole in my liver, I was in the Hospital for 2 weeks but now I’m back on the street as a Missouri State Trooper

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