Only Some Expenses - How Much Money Can I Make Pulling RV’s
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Only Some Expenses – How Much Money Can I Make Pulling RV’s

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This does not include all of the expenses. This is to give you an idea of what you are looking at. There are a lot of numbers that will be different for everyone. Also Numbers I did not include.

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  1. I love your videos very down-to-earth and detailed my lady and I are thinking about doing this and there's all kinds of information available

    What we would like to see is what tax exemptions RV haulers get at tax time could you please do a video of that for us 🙂

    Thank you

  2. Hang in there buddy, you know God won't give you more than you can handle. You seem like a smart man you'll figure it out. I'll pray for you

  3. I have a Ram 2500, Class A CDL and my truck is tag is registered for 26K I plan on hauling RVs come this spring. I drove OTR for over 20 years.

  4. Great information, I appreciate your candor. My girlfriend is a traveling Nurse and we are full time RV'ers. This seems like a good fit for me, since we have to move every few months. I have a question. Since we won't be living in Indiana or Ohio, (where the trailers are build) are there plenty of runs through out the US? We aare still weighing the pro's and con's of this. Thank you guys for any input, it would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Hey dude. Sounds like we're on a similar path. I'm looking for a flatbed gooseneck. Team RV who I'm with pays $2.40 a mile for double trailer loads. Plus I can move cars. Ps Team RV is paying $1.40 for non CDL and $1.47 for CDL. Good luck with your path.

  6. alot of people don't like me because I tell the truth out here about this big "dream" job, but I do have to point out a few things I think you may have missed. How much does tire replacement cost per mile? also brakes, truck washes, insurance, toll's you pay … the pull in pull out fees, misc fees the company sticks you with like trans union- fax fees legal & admin fees, comdata fees, damage fees etc… and then truck depreciation per mile, payments and interest? Food and occasional meals out and showers or hotels once in a while? These kind of things may seem like little things but like the CPA's say "it all cost money and you have to figure it ALL in if you want the truth" …sorry 🙁

  7. Simple. You'll make about .40 a mile. Company drivers for large carriers make .55 a mile and they aren't putting 100k miles a year on their own truck. If you're going to drive for a living then do it right. RV transport is a joke.

    And I'll tell you right now they bill $2.80 then pay you $1.30. If you don't believe me ask a dealer what they pay for shipping. $2.80 is average rate for a hotshot truck and the hotshot truck gets 75% of that. Not 40%.

    I've been driving a long time and I have done it all. Doubles, Specialized heavy haul, RV transport. I promise you RV tranport is by far the lowest paying gig in the industry. I run oilfield hotshot and easily take home 5k a week after fuel and everything. Not joking. RV is for retired people who want to travel. It's a horrible idea for a career.

  8. Your figures are way off and need to be refigured !!! You cost per mile is way low in reality why!!! Because u have to add your truck payment and insurance in there not just maintenance cost. Also yes you get paid one way but empty on the way back your fuel mileage will increase thus decreasing your cost per mile on the return trip!!

  9. In your 1.20 per mile did I miss something like truck payments, money in escrow for future tire and other non covered break downs. your insurance cost, retirement savings, heath care, permits License plates, food, home bills, Motels, ETC ETC. and My opinion single wheel would save you money in the long run and done same job, my [opinion] there is other things you did not mention in your 1.20 per mile. I'm not trying to hit on you just like I've said had my own company with 5 trucks and after 35 yrs hung it all up. good luck to you its really tuff out there.

  10. I don't see cost for – truck payments, insurance,tires, wheel bearings, shock absorbers , fuel filters, etc. I'm delivering vehicles for past 2 years with F350 6,7 and my cost is ~ 70 cents/mile . Real cost in RV business are ~50+ cents/mile. Lots of guys jump in RV transport and after 1- 2 year they are broke . Easy way how to find your real cost – take all your receipts and you will find out how expensive is this business.

  11. What I have always done is I take my own filters and oil to​ the dealer and have them do the service. Number one I get to use my Amsoil products and I get the record that they were the only ones that touched it. I had a Ford diesel and they charge me $18.00 for my oil change. The normal price for the oil change was $29.00 ( include 5 quarts of their oil and filter ) The service guy deducts the price of their filter and their oil which they figured at $11.00 and charged me the $18.00 for labor only.

  12. you are thinking right its more money to haul cars get as much info as you can. also have some money reserve. I believe you will make it. may God continue to bless you and your family.

  13. You had mentioned you’re double insured. Who do u have for your own insurance? How bad is the premium? How can I contact them?

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