Pill Camera Swallowed | Follow Through Gut | Guts | Brit Lab | BBC
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Pill Camera Swallowed | Follow Through Gut | Guts | Brit Lab | BBC

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There’s a strange, mysterious world inside us, an alien-looking environment that turns the food we eat into nutrients that keep us alive. Michael Mosley swallows a camera to take a closer look.

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41 Replies to “Pill Camera Swallowed | Follow Through Gut | Guts | Brit Lab | BBC”

  1. Nearly the next Einstein…. 9 hours watching the poop…. Some brainly and gutsy people can do that without having an urge to rush to the toilet.. Tat too sitting tight, suited booted and belts on+ 4 L of laxatives

  2. 9 hours he watched a movie about guts and poop……. Along with some bystanders and of course the doctor….. End of the movie's run, it's a box office Hit.. 1.6 M footfalls

  3. This reminds me of how grateful I am to have a functional digestive system. There are people that have major problems associated with their digestive system, with aging intensifying those problems. It is amazing how intricate even the digestive system is which enables us to live…amazing.

  4. “And you can see formed material there … that’s the polite way of saying faeces” which is the polite way of saying SHIT

  5. So did that camara got out hidden inside a poopoo that you have to search with a chopstick in a bowl or it got fished out by a team of professional fishers ….?

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