Royal Filming (Asian Wedding Videography & Cinematography)
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Royal Filming (Asian Wedding Videography & Cinematography)

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These are the wedding highlights of the lovely couple Yaseen & Laila . This couple tied the knot amidst friends and family in the Praba banqueting hall in ilford Join us as the Royal Filming team create their memories for life.
Royal filming.
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Royal Filming provide high quality wedding videos and photography services. We are a London based firm who specialise in Asian wedding videography, cinematography and photography. We cover all events weddings, engagements, marriage registries, anniversaries, birthdays and corporate events. Over the years we have had the privelage of covering many Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Gujarati, Bengali, Pakistani and Sri lankan weddings. We cover all area of the UK and have a package to suit all budgets.

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