Samsung Galaxy S9 Review
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

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In a world where companies are adding keyboards, rumble packs, even lasers to their smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S9 might seem a little dull. Not only does it strongly resemble its immediate predecessor the Galaxy S8; it also carries much of the same functionality. So whether you should splurge on the Galaxy S9 will depend mostly on how old your current phone is … and how much you care about that camera. I’m MrMobile and I’m here to help you figure it out in the Galaxy S9 review, brought to you by Tech21.



MrMobile’s Galaxy S9 Review was produced following seven days with a Galaxy S9+ review device in Barcelona, Spain and Boston, USA. The device was used on T-Mobile US and AT&T and was paired to a Movado Connect for the duration of the review. The device received no software updates during the review period.


Samsung Galaxy S9:

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42 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Review”

  1. [CORRECTION] While the Galaxy S9 video camera records in 4K, it does not currently offer 4K HDR recording. The Snapdragon 845 supports the feature, but Samsung has not enabled it for the S9. MrMobile regrets the error.

  2. Amazing device but the battery drain is unbearable specially in the Exynos models. I had to return mine for that reason. Sad because the display and performance are stellar

  3. I like my s8 but I'm just bored of it now an feel the s9 is just the same as my s8 so come on Samsung give us something new to play with

  4. I'm an apple guy wanting to go to Samsung, any tips? I don't know that I'm looking for. I use my phone to play games as well as use it to call, as a camera and text.

  5. Why you guys love to use blur to clear effect?
    It is damn annoying and make eyes pain. It is similiar to some websites with noisy background music.

  6. I would get this phone, it's literally perfect for me, I love it. I've watched about 20 videos about it (including this one) and its great! There is only one problem with this phone…SLOW updates. Ughhhhh, it sucks or I would really get this phone, but I think I might get the Oneplus 6 instead. Tell me what you think below!

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