Tutorial - Make Blackmagic ProRes/Raw look good for beginners (bmpcc/bmcc)
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Tutorial – Make Blackmagic ProRes/Raw look good for beginners (bmpcc/bmcc)

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This is a quick and easy way of fixing your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema or BMCC footage. Without a super computer with a huge storage space or Davinci Resolve.
Once again, this is for beginners so naturally there are a lot of things I leave out. This should be considered the first steps for someone thats transitioning from a camcorder or a dslr with picture profiles.

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26 Replies to “Tutorial – Make Blackmagic ProRes/Raw look good for beginners (bmpcc/bmcc)”

  1. Ok so I posted a video and I have a prob… The thing is the video is not consistent from cut to cut shot to shot. The color of the video changes greatly from each shot, It's in the ball park but needs work. I did about fore shots right and am sure that everything is fine but all in all they did not work.. don't know what to do just look me up first vid. it's a test..

  2. Thank you for all the excellent information! From lenses to workflow, you'd saved many of us tremendous effort and frustration. Appreciate your time, I'm sure it has helped thousands like me!

  3. Hi ! great tutorial man ! i'm kinda new to videomaking, so i'd love to see some tuts regarding shooting with bmc or bmpcc and using settings for each situation. the question is which kind of settings do u use to do some good colorcorrection in Davinci. and what kind of tips and tricks would u tell us about BMCC/BMPCC that goes togther with davinci resolve.


    shooting with BMPCC panasonic 14 mm in lower (200) ISO in RAW
    then export to davinci (use this and this for better view)

    the reason for this question is that i've see some kind of a review where a guy says that for BMCC is better to use lower iso and rise the picture in Davinci using some tools like LIFT or GAIN.

    sorry if i sound rediculous.
    i hope u understood what i ment.

    please continue making tuts. !

  4. I have never used a BMCC but I want to get one soon. How much light do I need to get and how many lenses would be ideal to have to shoot a short movie with? Thanks

  5. It would be interesting if the Blackmagic pocket cinema had in body 5 axis sensor stabilization like the Olympus. It would make for good on the go shots without having to worry about stabilizing rigs.

  6. Is it not possible to bulk import the raw files into camera raw and correct them all at the same time as we would with stills? Granted I do this via Bridge with stills but it seems to me that it would save a lot of little steps.

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