What It's Like To Live With Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
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What It’s Like To Live With Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), It’s estimated that 2% of people experience dissociative disorders, with women being more likely than men to be diagnosed. Because of the way Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is portrayed in the media, most people don’t understand what the disorder actually entails, or how common it actually is. In this Patient Spotlight video, you’ll meet Encina, who sheds light on her experience living with DID. You’ll also meet Minnie, the three-year-old girl living inside Encina’s body.

PRODUCER, A.D.: Brigid McCuen
D.P., DIRECTOR, EDITOR: Darin Limvere
HOST: Kyle Kittleson
2nd CAMERA OP: Tony Oberstar

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30 Replies to “What It’s Like To Live With Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)”

  1. I do admire her for her courage and being so open about this, letting us understand what DID really is. I’m so proud of her!!!

  2. Somehow i feel like I have this disease. I cannot remember anything before I was 5-6 years old. I can remember some stuffs from the age 7-8 to year 4,5.

    But i havent had any experience such as waking up doing something not as I was doing before that.

    How do I know if I have this disease? Of course i cannot go to therapists due to financial issues.

  3. My mom and her sister (my Aunt) were molested at a very young age by their father, my grandfather.

    Me , my older sister and 2 girl cousins (my Aunt, my mom's sister) were molested by our grandfather.

    This is very interesting and explains why I acted like a Tom Boy at times even to this day. Also , why I have some OCD, Anger, wet the bed, had recurring trauma type night terrors over and over again, I hated that! etc

    I can't remember a lot of my childhood only in sections if that makes sense.

    My grandfather has long passed and i've forgiven him as my mother did too.

    You DON'T FORGET but if you dwell on it then your life won't be happy. I want to be happy NOT live in fear! This is how I feel and my opinions. I can't speak for others, but this is how I feel.

    Then I had a cousin who wanted to have sex with me at age 8! 8 years old! I had a pizza guy that was smitten with me and I had no idea why this guy would give me free pizza. I was around 10 years old and he even went up to my elementary school back in the 70's and I don't remember much of that time or him too much. God, I hope he didn't molest me, because I can't remember much. I grew up with boys or men always wanting me and it makes me upset and anger too when I look back at it.

    Again, I try not to dwell on it and instead I DON'T LET THEM ROB ME of my HAPPINESS!

    Talking about what happened for me IS the best medicine. It's like chipping away at your pain.

    I also fidget with my feet, I can't ever keep them still, and this woman fidgets with her feet. I wonder if their is a connection with abuse and fidgeting? Hmmm?

    The Brain is a remarkable thing, it protects us not just from bumps or bruises, but also from Terror abuse or etc because sometimes we don't need to know exactly what happened because then it would be like going through the pain again.

    I'm NOT a Victim but a SURVIVOR!

  4. When Minnie came out, I started crying, because she was so adorable! I’m so glad I clicked on this video. I loved learning more about DID, I’ve always wanted to learn more about it, and this video was perfect!!!!

  5. I love it. I've heard of this only a small amount of information but I've watched the video and understood what it's like nd I've understood what DID is. It's amazing based on what I've learned.

  6. This is by far the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Factually, there is a huge controversy over DID. The DSM even took multiple personality out as a diagnostic because there is NO EVIDENCE. She was 22 and suddenly have another personality. Then the Minnie part cracked me the fuck up. Jesus Christ. How stupid can you be to believe this? How stupid can you be to not do your own research on the topic? This generation is a bunch of pussies. You’re giving this attention whore what she wants. It’s not a real diagnosis.

  7. Imagine writing into a journal one day pretending you're talking to a part of your personality, then you go to sleep and you wake up the next day and you find a response written in the journal……I'd scream

  8. I have being trying to study about humans psychology for a past few years.But each time you study more it gets harder to understand it.
    Imagine we have more synapse than all the starts in the universe combined.
    Truly amazing.

  9. So insightful and interesting. I loved watching it. It must have been traumatic for her to go through all that abuse.
    Human brain is so powerful and amazing in many ways.

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