How I Ran a 2:25 Marathon in Valencia - Tips, Tricks and What's Next!  S1E11
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How I Ran a 2:25 Marathon in Valencia – Tips, Tricks and What’s Next! S1E11

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A few days have now passed since my dream happened in Valencia and the 2:25 marathon happened. Here’s a quick summary of what worked, what I learnt and what’s next!

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38 Replies to “How I Ran a 2:25 Marathon in Valencia – Tips, Tricks and What’s Next! S1E11”

  1. How is this only the first video I've seen?! As soon as I'm done my finals I'm literally going to binge watch everything you've ever posted :D! Keep it up!

  2. Looking at Strava you have had high mileage all year – how did you define your training blocks. Did you have 2 peaks in the year and did you have a well defined base period when you only did Aerobic Training?

  3. i love to see that ultramarathon runners can also be super fast marathon runners !!! In 2019 i plan on race the valencia marathon and hope to achieve my sub 3h goal 😀

  4. Another great video Ben. Thanks for sharing your tips. Already looking forward to the next series to learn about your future projects. Your right to feel proud of this fantastic achievement. Are you wearing Stance socks in one of the clips? I've been told there decent so I've just ordered some. Sick of getting holes in my socks and loosing them of course!

  5. I'm so happy to have found your channel with the Peg Turbo review a few months ago. Such a positive mindset! 2:25 is amazing !Congrats! I would like to hear about base building between specific marathon programs. I had an average of 100km per week on my 16 weeks program with few weeks at around 130. What should be my goal during base builing? We're talking about a 12 weeks base phase. I ran my first marathon in 2:56 and have a half PR of 1:19 if it's matter. 2:4X is my goal for my spring marathon. Thank you! Cheers

  6. Hi Ben. I like your videos. Especially the text boxes containing the key points. It makes it easy to grasp what the video is all about. Keep it up!

  7. Congrats Ben! Really amazing achievement! I follow your journey through instagram and youtube and really insprires me your discipline and consistency to this amazing achievement! Wish you all the best for the future dude! Keep running! Cheers from Greece!!!

  8. I was waiting to see how you went on. The signs were there when you were puking in the park – i thought that guy has some balls to continue a session after that – Brilliant Run. Chapeau!!!!

  9. Gratz on the result! Good job! Im trying to break the 2.30 barrier my self in Seville, 17 feb. So you're videos are just perfect!

  10. Great tips! Yes, I highly recommend resistance bands! My running coach educated me about how helpful they are with your stride and running form. Excited to watch your future videos!

  11. Well done, Ben, this was a great series and you ran an amazing time! I am glad though that you’ve decided to lengthen your stride and lower your candence. You shouldn’t be running at 180 all the time, try dropping your cadence in your easy runs to 165ish, then when you go faster just try to run faster, don’t think about quickening your cadence, just think about keeping your stride long and your cadence will naturally increase.

  12. Super work Ben in Valencia awesome running! Your videos are so helpful and motivating! Quick question on cadence. I'm trying to get my cadence up to the 180 standard. Is this something that you had to work on? My cadence only seems to be in the 170-180 bracket when I'm going at 5k pace but I see other runners and they run at 180 even when they are doing easy/recovery runs.

  13. Incredible to hear mate, absolutely phenomenal result, you did so well! Great to here this round up as well, you rightly so should be proud!

  14. Great recap video, like the reflective, breakdown nature of this one. It would be good to see some videos with you running with others and sharing your tips and thoughts on different aspects of running with each other, whether that be when and where to run, how it fits around life, your approaches to diet, your approaches to racing, how you mentally prepare – which I imagine is very important when it’s marathon distance – and then how you tackle the race itself. There’s so much to learn from others who are passionate about the same thing, you’ve obviously got a lot of great traits, tendencies, approaches, and it’d be great to see that compared to and shared with other runners around the same ability. Keep up the great work Ben – any (cheeky) Christmas deals on the caps??!

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