How To Find Fish Fast On A New Lake - Pro Tips | Bass Fishing
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How To Find Fish Fast On A New Lake – Pro Tips | Bass Fishing

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How to find fish fast. We asked top bass pros what are the three things they look for when finding fish on a new lake. Their answers on how to find fish might surprise you!

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39 Replies to “How To Find Fish Fast On A New Lake – Pro Tips | Bass Fishing”

  1. Great information ….. but why do I get the district feeling that the guy conducting the interviews is actually as much or more knowledgeable about Bass Fishing than the guys he's interviewing ; ). God bless the second guy he interviewed though ….. articulation isn't one of his strong points.

  2. very helpful! the saying that the third bite signals the patter really makes sense. fishing fast and covering water is a great tournament strategy.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for asking a very important question to bass fishing professionals without the question scripted for TV! These pros were willing to give the layman fisherman some really good advice that they rely upon to consistently catch fish. Can we have more videos like this when a pro angler or recent tournament winner shares their knowledge of the keys to their current success?


  5. Excellent video, it's good to hear some common sense stuff from the pros that is easy for simple fishermen like myself to digest.

  6. Love Gerald swindle you got to be aware of the water temp and the wind to see how fast and what kind of lure and color you need to use to catch them

  7. A little wind is ok where I'm at but I have never done well when it's really windy, mainly because the lakes i fish funnel wind and when it is blowing any harder than 15mph fishing is nearly impossible and boat control is thrown out the window. All of the other tips mentioned are pretty spot on though.

  8. Awesome video with great information. I don't really stand in one spot for to long. Always great to hear it from the pros

  9. Funny how anglers said wind is your friend, people run from wind, I see it all the time where I fish, all professional anglers live for wind! Water Clarity is another thing all pros talked about always good to hear about that, seeing how everyone breaks down water is awesome! One of my favorite videos!!

  10. Should have watched video before I went fishing other day, Not a single bite on a lake I have fished hundreds of times, Went to places I had got fish before should have to new areas.

  11. awesome getting the perspective from some of the elite anglers. these tips apply to bank fishers as well. fishing the wind blown sides or finding the obvious structure "with the green arrows" are great places to start if you haven't fished that body of water before.

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