What do investment banks actually do? - MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials
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What do investment banks actually do? – MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials

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MoneyWeek’s Tim Bennett explains what investment banks actually do- and how they earn their huge profits.

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30 Replies to “What do investment banks actually do? – MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS….I can't believe what I hear, see and how stupid all that is.
    Do you guys really think, you can raise money out of nothing, trading more natural resources that there are?? MONEY IS NOT REAL, its s.th. mankind invented, because gold was to hard to carry around, thats historical fact.
    I spit on this kindo financial system which makes couple of people richer and richer, when 99% ain't get shit and work their asses off for nothing.
    Theres a good joke fitting to this:
    Two planets meet. "Hey, its been a while, how's it going?" The other one; "Not so good, I got a virus, its called humans." The first planet answers;"I had that too, can be pretty ugly, but don't worry, its over soon." LOL

  2. in my opinion i think trading stocks is more understandable… that is my advise to everyone instead of this…trade stocks or forex

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  5. I know it's semantics and industry argot, but I'd re-label 'corporate events' as 'financing'/'corporate finance (advisory)' where the latter is the industry norm. Corporate events sounds like an office Christmas party.

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