Phantom 4 DJI Go Screen Recording Tutorial
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Phantom 4 DJI Go Screen Recording Tutorial

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How to record the screen of your DJI Go App

One question that i get on almost video is how do I record the screen of the DJI Go App for my videos.

I have explored a couple of different setups on how to do this and am doing an overview in this video of them

On Android I use a Samsung tablet coupled with either AZ Recorder or Telecine. Both of those apps are free and available for free on the Google Play store.

I use an SD Micro card in the tablet, put the screen recordings on there and then import them into premiere.

One issue with this setup (and you can see this in the video) is that they video and audio does not stay in sync and requires more time in post to keep the multiple cameras in sync with each other.

*** Update – I did a video about fixing the Audio sync – basically just rename the file from AZ Recorder to .mov and that fixes the issue

On iOS I use my iPhone. This setup requires my MacBook Pro, a portable wireless router and a piece of software on the mac to record the airplay session –

I get both the iOS device and the Macbook connected on the same wireless network via the Dlink Router

I then start the Airserver software and configure any options I may want. At that point I am ready to airplay mirror my iOS screen to my MacBook and start recording. From this point the MacBook is recording the screen.

A couple of pro’s and con’s with this setup.

Pro: It stays in sync for editing! Unlike the Android solution time on the recording doesn’t slip and stays in line.

1) It’s a lot more equipment than just an android tablet
2) there are some dropouts

Gear used in this Video:
Camera 1 – Canon C100MKii
Samsung A Tablet
DJI Go App
Telecine App – Screen Recording
AZ Recorder – Screen Recording
AirServer – Screen Recording iOS
D-link DIR-510L
Macbook Pro 15″ Retina
Tripods – Benro S8 kit for Video
Rode VideoLink
Polar Pro ND Filters

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29 Replies to “Phantom 4 DJI Go Screen Recording Tutorial”

  1. I have the pro + should I use the hdmi directly into my MacBook? Is there a better way that I don't need to be close to the MacBook?

  2. I just bought the 4 pro plus. I cannot figure out to transfer files from controller to computer. when i try the included USB transfer cable, I just end up with message they can't be synced. apparently there some internal memory but the only way for me to watch it is to review it on the controller itself. any ideas?

  3. thats a big thing to tether your phone to tablet i was flying with a ipad mini wifi and kept losing signal but now that i use phone or tethert im fine

  4. Nice tutorial, but why do the screen recordings all have severe latency issues? That would defeat the purpose of wanting a screen capture wouldn't it?

  5. i got the new phantom 4 pro and I dont know how to get it to live stream with the integrated screen thats built in…I contacted dji and they said i need a wireless network card!! i wonder how ill be able to install a software in the integrated screen in the remote control? help plz iam a newbie

  6. Hello Bill, I am in England and have just purchased a Phantom 4. I have found your tutorials very erudite and instructive. I am looking forward to further episodes on the 4. I am particularly awaiting photographic tips and angles.

  7. do u know how to get rid of the pink glitch and freezing???? i went threw 4 different tablets ,sd card ect still no luck and its driving me crazyyy any help pleas

  8. Thank you for this great video.
    I had 3 days trying to record the Ipad mini screen. Now for € 82,- via Ebay a Tab 4 acquired by Samsung.

    Shows repeatedly: Apple is not good for everyone and everything.

  9. Thanks for another great video. Just what I was looking for. I don't understand why DJI doesn't put this capability into their app.

  10. Bill, I enjoyed your tutorial on how you record the DJI App screen and use it as on overlay in your videos. As another comment noted, it is a lot of work but it really helps to see exactly what you're doing in DJI Go as you describe it. BTW, just a minor little comment, you mention that you use the app called "Telecine" in Android. You should know that the word "telecine" is pronounced, "tele SIN EE." Sorry to be such a nerd, but I work in television and film post-production and "telecine" technically refers to the process (and the machine used) for converting film to video for DVDs, Blu-rays and transmission. We use the word "telecine" all the time.

    Keep the great videos coming!

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