Making a YouTuber | Mike Falzone | Part I
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Making a YouTuber | Mike Falzone | Part I

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See Mike Falzone’s progression from a musician without a jawline to a comedian with a beard in the YouTube retrospective ‘Making a YouTuber’ edited by Jade Baird. Moral: Work hard and have fun until you’re good at something.


Mike Falzone has been solving the internet’s problems since 2006 when he became one of the first creators to establish themselves on YouTube. Hailing from the great state of Connecticut, Falzone began touring as a musician at 14 and while still his first love, Falzone has since shifted his passion and drive into pursuing stand-up comedy. After surviving two major health scares, Falzone decided to move west to pursue his entertainment passions and has been tickling the funny bones of YouTube fans and L.A. audiences ever since. He’s performed at College Humor Live, several of the Improv comedy venues, and has appeared on-stage at the Laugh Factory world famous Comedy Store. In 2018 Mike was featured on Coming to the Stage: Season 6 hosted by George Wallace.

Additional things:
– In 2016 Mike was nominated for a Shorty Award in the category of ‘Funniest YouTube Comedian”
– Mike (as Wrestlin’ Fred) hosts a show on Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s YouTube channel called ‘Friday Night Fred’
– Recently a host for SourceFed, a comedy and news channel with over 1 million subscribers.
– Mike Falzone at the Laugh Factory:

30 Replies to “Making a YouTuber | Mike Falzone | Part I”

  1. There are alot of things I'm thankful for in regards to Michelanfelzone, but I'm especially glad that you married a hairstylist, didn't break your jaw on that amazing fall, and we'd all be so lucky as to have our talking voices mature as beautifully as yours has.

  2. Mike, I think you're your best self now. Respectfully, I wouldn't trade comedian, DB DB born boi Mike for beardless musician Mike, for any reason. Thanks for making all of the hilarious and often heartfelt content. You, and Steve, make so many of our days, every week!

  3. I haven't been around your whole youtube career but it felt nice when I started to recognize videos from part 1 of your youtube journey.

  4. This is what we needed after the bit you did reacting to your old music video. But also since I came to your channel during SF, there's so much I haven't seen. Thank you for the montage. It kinda brought a tear to my eye tbh. So glad you started uploading in 2006 and kept it up.

  5. Oh man this is so good. I was a fan since your first album – a fellow Nutmeg stater, my sister actually went to prom with your cousin haha! Then I watched your comedy videos on and off as my life got busy….and now in the middle of the night when my infant wakes me up (so rude) I look forward to your videos and podcast to keep me company. This was such a fun progression to watch! Thanks so much for all the fun over the years. 🙂

  6. What a fun look back. You only entered my consciousness near the end of this. I look forward to part to with all the familiar moments.

  7. Don't lie. Did you grow a beard so you could stop working out? Cuz the last time I shaved off my beard I was real sad about what I found underneath.

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