2019 India's top 10 DSLR countdown - Camera's from beginners to professionals (Canon, Nikon, Sony)
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2019 India’s top 10 DSLR countdown – Camera’s from beginners to professionals (Canon, Nikon, Sony)

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DSLR means Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera. Photography is the passion of many people. A few decades back, the camera would be considered as a luxury and only rich and influential people could able to buy it. But now Situation has changed. Now camera comes in various ranges (point and shoot camera, DSLR etc.). People buy a camera as per their purchasing power. But most of us wants a DSLR because its picture quality is unmatchable. Not while purchasing a DSLR, a question clicks in our mind that which DSLR should I choose? Now no need to worry because this video guide you to choose a best DSLR camera as per your requirements and purchasing spending power. This video is equally helpful for amateur as well as professional.
In this video, I also explained about a special camera that can capture the speed of light. It’s very interesting to know that now many science mysteries can be resolved.
So stay tuned!!!

To buy your favourite DSLR, Click on the links below:
1. Nikon D5 –
2. Canon 1D – Discontinued by Manufacturer
3. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV –
4. Nikon D810 –
5. Nikon D500 –
6. Canon EOS 80D –
7. Nikon D7200 –
8.Nikon D5500 –
9. Canon EOS 750D –
10. Sony A68 –

28 Replies to “2019 India’s top 10 DSLR countdown – Camera’s from beginners to professionals (Canon, Nikon, Sony)”

  1. Sir Nikon d7200 with sigma 18-35 ya phir canon eos 80d Lene kaun SA sahi rahega jisse ke weeding aur portrait aache se shoot ho sake….

  2. Agle baar video banana to sony and Nikon ko achi tarah research kar ke dalein.

    Ye dono brands ke quick upgrades, r&d investments and advanced technology kaafi advanced he canon se.

    You can check Dxomark for reality.

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