Best Cameras for Making YouTube Videos 2015
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Best Cameras for Making YouTube Videos 2015

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Best Cameras for Making YouTube [2015] Buying Camera Gear for YouTube Videos can be tough if you don’t know what to look for. But you might already have a great camera without realizing it. Or maybe you don’t need a fancy DSLR for the type of content you’re making.

In this video I will talk about the different kinds of Video Cameras for Making YouTube Videos and what you need to know about each of them, and what their perks and limits are.

DSLR Cameras for Making YouTube Videos
Nikon D3300
Nikon D5500
Nikon D7200
Canon T5i
Canon T6i
Canon 60D

Camcorders for Making YouTube Videos
Samsung F90 ($149)
Panasonic HC V550K ($330)
Canon Vixia HF G20 ($950)
Sony HDRCX 405 ($180)

Smartphone Gadgets for YouTube
Smartphone holder & tripod
Smartphone Tripod Adapter
Joby Gorilla Tripod & Mount

Cheap HandyCams for Making YouTube Videos
Sony HD Bloggie
Sony HD Webbie
Flip Ultra HD

Webcams for Making YouTube Videos
Logitech HD C920 ($69)
Logitech HD C310 ($29)
Logitech HD Portable C615 ($50)
Logitech HD C930e ($99)

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24 Replies to “Best Cameras for Making YouTube Videos 2015”

  1. Roberto Blake, you're awesome and your tagline about creating awesome is very fitting for you and your channel!! I'm wondering what would be good for creating a fitness video series….thanks!!

  2. What is your opinion on the
    CANON EOS 700D Reflex for youtube videos and shooting photos that I might want to print later?

  3. Great video! I also watched your earlier video on this subject and recall that you recommended a certain Canon camcorder for YouTube (the Vixia HF R42, I believe). I actually lost this camera a while ago, but recently found it and to me, the quality still looks amazing, even though it was released around 2012-2013. Would you still advocate that camcorder for YouTube now, or would it be better if I looked for a higher quality one?

  4. instead of the Panasonic HC V550K, you could get the V510 which is cheaper, as it has less bells and whistles (no wifi or livestreaming) but it has the same sensor, with a bit less optical zoom (50vs 62)

  5. I would add that if you are looking for high quality vlog cameras or even a secondary/mobile cam, the Canon G7X is a great choice. Just picked up a used one like new for $450 on Amazon. Makes for great vlogs and will work as a great second cam to my Canon XA20. The Sony RX100 is a great line as well. They pack a lot of quality in a small mobile package.

  6. thanks roberto, i film with my samsung galaxy core and the quality is bad, my viewers are starting to complain so tomorrow i'm buying the sony hdr cx405 as you recommended.

  7. i have a cannon rebel but when i try to edit the video it lags to the point that i cant edit it. is it because of my software or my computer?

  8. Thank you soooo much for this video! I'm not very tech savvy when it comes to purchasing cameras. in face, I'm more tech savvy in terms of what laptops are good to buy versus cameras. I'm trying to start a music review channel on here, so I'm definitely new to what or how to effectively record the videos… When you mentioned built-in webcams on laptops, I chuckled, knowing I tried using the camera app on my Win 10. It recorded the video, BUT the dang video was playing at 9FPS! xD Thankfully I found an old camcorder that MIGHT do the trick.

    The video and sound quality is SO much better, along with the fps speed (running at 29) compared to the webcam. Still grainy at times, but definitely better. It's an off-brand camera, AIPTEK Action HD-DV Camcorder. Here's the link for the product on the manufacture's website: . What do you think of it?

  9. Hey Roberto, me again. So my dad is going to upgrade my studio. Right now I have 2 Logitech 920s. They shoot 1080p. And have been good for my stop motion. I want to do some toy reviews with my 4year old brother epiclegoliam. We did the beanboozled challenge using the Logitech but there was a huge sync problem in premiere pro. Something to do with bit rate.Thats when my dad said its time to upgrade. Here are the choices. canon t3i used around $250-$400Canon t5i used around $400-$700Canon 70d used $1000-$1500Now you mention Nikon d5500. Which used is like $700-$1200My dad said if we get the cheaper camera then we can get lighting and a good tripod right away. If we get a higher end camera we will have to wait and slowly build up our studio.What YhP

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