One Way Poor People Can Buy Land With No Money
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One Way Poor People Can Buy Land With No Money

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Becky’s Guide To Buying Land, get the eBook here: One way to buy property when you have no money…you’re poor and you have no credit. And you feel like it’s a hopeless situation. Well I’m here to tell you it’s not. I know because this is exactly what I did, and now I’m mortgage free.

In this homesteading video Becky explains step by step how to buy land if you’re poor and have no money and no credit or bad credit.

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  1. FYI: Becky said 'If you have 'Not A Penny,' but she also emphasized that one could use their income tax for all the fees involved, which is most likely why she posted this video on January 10th of that year, and perhaps why [either] she or YouTube chose to make it available this time of year this year.

  2. That's me buggared before the vid even gets into nitty gritty…I don't get a tax return (& I live in Australia).. hhmm

  3. Ms. Becky what do you think about for a person who is working but doesn't have to time to drive around to a whole lot of places to search for land? I know you still have to walk the property to see if it would be a good fit for you but what are your thoughts?

  4. Would love to see you do a round 2 of this video, I'd like to see you at your kitchen table pouring over the ads…showing us a clip of a live phone call of you and a person selling land, then a clip of you and the person looking at the land, a clip of you at the municipality getting a copy of easement requirements etc, then a clip of you at the title company .

  5. This for folks with no credit, but they have savings? One acer living in the country side is a good way to go, but if you have extra money to spend get two acer's… It's best to do your homework on the land?

  6. I love you…..♥️♥️♥️ You started off from nothing to owning lot of properties ……
    I could imagine your brainstorming, strategies and determination….


  7. You lost me when you said you'd be using your taxes… If you are really broke, you probably don't have a job therefore what taxes?? You can't get back taxes if you don't work.

  8. Yea, you said “buy land with no money” however you did in fact had to pay money. You purposely titled this video as you did to pull people in so you could make a plug for people to buy your book. You were intentionally deceiving. Shame on you while some of us really do not have money.

  9. Becky nowadays in Lakeland Florida I see for sale by owner. This is a lie it's a real estate company scamming the public yes scamming the public it's not the owner so they will rent it to you and then you get financing for the property or mobile homes but I was looking at. The three or four real estate companies here in Lakeland I talked to on the phone said almost exactly the same thing I don't know we will rent it to you and after your lease runs out then you can get financing interest rate like that's a lie I lie yes they're lying to the public it's not by owner. By owner is the owner of the property well rent it to you with the stipulation that you will buy it get the full legal after you run it for a while or they would just go ahead and sell it to you outright as a monthly fee yes they can get interest but that's not what's going on here in Lakeland Florida

  10. I took your advice on finding 'cheaper' land just out-side our county lines; First, I started driving in 20 mile 'grids' each week (joy rides) taking notes on land prices in that area– and noting how close main roads were to the area, and, I took photos and started making calls on properties we had on the list. Got a feel for what the owners were really wanting and why it was selling.

    2. I looked for land from 2-5 acres. I Google searched and made my list from 'land and farm' sites. I stopped and knocked on farmer's doors and talked to them in fields. You'd be surprised at how much of other ppl business they do know. If farmer John knows Farmer Ken might sell his family old barn land off…he may just advise you call farmer Ken to see if the rumor stands as true! This is how we found out a farmer died, his wife, remarrying, and arguing with an ex-inlaw, over the inherited rights to the land, wanted to sell her part of the inheritance so the arguing would stop. She wasn't farming anymore and just wanted to cash out and run. I don't blame her, but it gave me a good deal!
    Before her family member could give an offer, I got the info and raced to view the land, I found out from the sign in the yard that she had just put it on the market through a farm management company. Only on the market 3 days. I called her realtor and met his son out at the property. He acted like he didn't really have the time of day for us. Not sure why?? But, the next morning, after quickly calling in an inspector to meet us there, we took 3 hours to view the land and discuss our needs and it met all 22 criteria!! We had a go for the land. Location was even 12 minutes closer to our daughter by gaining access to a nearby main roadway!

    I called back her realtor and gave him a full price, cash offer on the 5 acres only and she agreed and signed that night. We had land surveyed for closing a few months later when crops were out of the field (can't survey in a tall corn field). *He was happy to tell his buyer he'd just wrote up the offer and sold the land in under 3 days, and, I was happy because this land was 1/2 or 1/3 price of the land prices in our area <which is just 10 minutes 'inside' the country line road.

    3. I kept on the daily grind so if something did come on the market, I'd be the first one to see it. This paid off, big time! Other's were angry because they did not have a chance at making an offer. I came in at full speed ahead, totally pre-pared and ready for the conquest. You have to be ready to 'jump' as high as needed, to get what you want. Don't settle! It had everything; rolling hills, a newer well, house already burned and buried down the lane…good drainage…3-phase power at pole, ready to tap into for construction. Flat barnyard for animals, with a 67'x67' pole barn that needs two new trusses, that's it! Because the barn was 'broken' they valued the barn at nearly zilch. My price to fix it up; $9K. Total value of barn when it's done; $45K added back into the land price. Great profit there as well. Add in land sells here are moving north fast and that the land down the road sold for $117K one month later…and other pc sold for $223 that following week and they re-established my land value in just four months to be double or more what I had just paid for it (she should have held on just a few more months). ANd, we are predicted to go up another 6% in Spring of 2019! Even if I bought it and resold it to buy an even nicer property six months later, I'd be the one making the profitable investment. Land, you can't go wrong if you do it right!

    4. I got my finances in order and made sure I was debt-free. I paid off all car loans, dental cards, turned off internet and used my hotspot off phone. I dropped $1200 in monthly bills in just five phone calls. That gave me my full self-borrowing power if I needed it. Then, I got serious once I reached that point. Deft-free, excellent payment credit and history with four different banks and all of them wanted my business back. Still, I had equity in all my assests and wanted to pay cash for the land, so I held off and was patient!! Be patient! God works with the bad toward the good. I told the Lord what I was trying to find and it took 10 years to find it, but it came the next week after I got debt-free again. He knew WHEN I needed to buy. He told me in a dream, buy the land 'between two stones'. The land was marked between two pink granite stones on each corner. I saw the sign! We almost named the farm, Between Two Stones'. LOL!! BUt we named it after the stone bridge at the end of our road instead, "Stonebridge". It's a four arch bridge that is so beautiful over Sugar Creek! We got to name our road since it came with the 5 acres as well. LOL!
    5. I saved 3 tax payments along the line in a separate account for permits and surveys, well inspections, electric and soil/septic testing for building permits. BTW– It has one silo..that is like new as well, and you keep or sell those for around $2000. So, right there is more money back for construction/permit feels if needed. I got 5 acres, which was on my upper end. BUT it was 1/2 the price of the land that was for sale down the road, in a more populated area. And it was rolling hills, which is hard to find in flat land USA! It was not in Indiana flood zone. The Title co. only charged me $523.00 for total closing costs since it was a 'cash' closing.

    6. I got an appraisal once I sealed the deal! It was valued at twice what I paid for it so my personal assets jumped another $120K in just 3 months of work and waiting for closing on APC (Area Plan Commission) to view and pass all my soil tests and well So, once I knew land was officially 'buildable', I closed.

    7. I want to add to put in that you are the dominate and maintenance free if any 'shared farm easement drives' are on the property. So, if you are the front entrance to a shared easment, get it in the PURCHAGE Agreement that you are maintenance free…since you don't need the drive. You have road frontage. Just get it done before closing!

    8. I made my offer through their Realtor, and bypassed paying a realtor as well. So, they paid that and we used a shared title co attorney for details. 11. The land is rolling and great drainage…with flat area for the barnyard area… I have 1-1/2 acres in tillable crops. So, I have enough land to plant alpha or whatever I need for animals…or, I can cash it rent it out for about $300 an acre and that's enough to pay the taxes on the said land every year until I build a house on it. So, you can make the land pay for itself until you settle on it id income is readily available off the fields.

    9. Patience! It's so important to have patience and find 'exactly' what you are looking for. Don't settle if you think the land is not on par with your needs. It can only become a major headache and be a money pit.

    10. Land in our area is hard to come by; farmers just don't let small tracts go very often. So, buying larger tracts and subdividing it, to gain your money back, may also be an option; the 18 acres next to us…sold the next day, and they are using it for hay…but…it could have been subdivided, sold off in parcels and made into a platted mini-subdivision …with each lot sold would have made them a profit on said 18 acres overall.

    So, that is another route if you can buy that much land but only need 2-3 acres yourself. And, if you have the cashflow or borrowing capabilities to buy that much land and get all the fees and permits through for a mini-subdivision still zoned A-1 (Agriculture), you can certainly go this route. It's easier to find larger fields for sale vs. rolling, treed acreage with wells and septic, electric already in place. I had quite the find! I'm getting my building permits now and hearing sign posted this week. I'm so happy! My house plans are designed by me and being put on CADD this month as a self-Christmas gift. 😛

    You can do this! Just save your money, get rid of payment and bills that not necassary. Be more frugal. Concentrate on taking back your life and becoming debt-free first. Once you have mastered this step…you have buying power with any bank or lender, and if you can, you can use your own savings or equity to buy what you want back. But your best bet it to stay with less bills and no payments if you can. I hope these steps and my recent success helps you gain your dream as well! Blessings!

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