OnePlus 6T - Is This My Next Smartphone?
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OnePlus 6T – Is This My Next Smartphone?

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The OnePlus 6T is here. This is my OnePlus 6T unboxing. Should I switch to the OnePlus 6T as my next smartphone?


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32 Replies to “OnePlus 6T – Is This My Next Smartphone?”

  1. The oneplus 6T can do almost everything an iPhone can do, does it faster, and can also do more, for half the price. Only cons if you like iPhones are the camera isn't as good (it's still really good! just iPhones cameras are better still) and obviously the emojis if you like apples emojis. (The emojis are probably the best android ones out though!) Don't count wireless charging and headphone jack as cons because 1. Who cares just plug the damn phone in, and 2. they supply you with an adaptor so you can continue to use the same headphones. THEY ALSO GIVE YOU A CASE AND A SCREEN PROTECTOR. HALF THE PRICE OF AN IPHONE X. HALF.

  2. I’m not an Android user and this phone intrigued me because of the in-display fingerprint sensor and the Face ID unlock. However, the fact it doesn’t have wireless charging is unacceptable. This would be my go to android device if I were to change my device from 10s to an android device but my mind quickly changed when I found out it does not have wireless charging. I don’t know if this phone would replace my iPhone 10s but it would be my first choice but it has a nipple on it rather than a rectangular notch.

    I doubt this phone would be better than the iPhone 10s so I guess I would not be changing my everyday driver for a while. I was really thinking about switching to this as a secondary phone but the fact that it doesn’t have wireless charging is what turns me away from the phone. I’ve had wireless charging since the iPhone 8Plus and I’m really happy with that feature and to not have that feature anymore is unacceptable to me. Plus I think the 1Plus6T is a larger phone than the iPhone 10s. There’s not many other phones out there that can give iPhone 10s a run for it’s money. That’s my honest opinion but I know I’m paying a really high price for the iPhone.

  3. Curse to poverty ☹️
    I'm interested in this smartphone.
    But I'm unable to buy it because of being poor.
    In my country Iran, this phone is not sold. I have a y300 huawei. Working with this old and poor phone is very difficult.
    I wish I could work and live in another country. In Iran, radical Muslims rule.
    Have made people poor.
    Everyone here needs bread and bread.
    Good to you my friends.
    You have a good life.
    Appreciate it.
    Good luck for you.

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