Sony RX10iii for Video: Why I as a videographer chose the Sony RX10iii
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Sony RX10iii for Video: Why I as a videographer chose the Sony RX10iii

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My first impressions review. After a lot of research and looking at a wide range of different cameras, I ended up choosing the Sony RX10iii. Now I just received the camera and wanted to explain my case and philosophy behind this choice (I received the camera on time, I might add. I was concerned about the rumors of it being back ordered due to the earthquake that affected the factory in Japan some months back).

I’m a videographer that have had the privilege of working regularly with a great range of gear through my job. Including the Sony FS700, the A7s, Canon C100, the Sony RX100iv and the Panasonic HE130 series PTZ cameras. This was my first personal purchase in a long time. That being said, I definitely intend to use this camera for professional purposes. I’m hoping that I’ve found the camera that fits right in the sweet spot between my different needs right now.

As I start using the camera and get some real work done with it, I’m hoping to put together a more comprehensive review from a real world use perspective. Subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for that.

Connect with me on Twitter @MrGoteman if you have more questions about the camera. I’ll do my best to answer.

26 Replies to “Sony RX10iii for Video: Why I as a videographer chose the Sony RX10iii”

  1. thanks a lot for your video , it's very interesting
    i'm thinking about to buy a sony rx10 mark 3 for run and gun documentary,
    but i have two questions : first i thought about the shotgun mk2 for recorder a good audio , do you think it's
    quite good??
    and second i don't know how to achieve the same quality in freehand filming with a professional video camera, but using the sony rx10, I was thinking of a shoulder strap, but I do not know if that's enough???

  2. best little travel camera is your wonderous iphone, and best of all it also takes calls, can access the intrawebs and has free games all over it, i feel dedicated cameras are a tad old school no matter how fancy and compact amazing they make them

  3. Will Sony still going to make camcorder? No news for Sony cam iced in2017 yet. Hope they will release AX100 and AXP55 Mark 2! Should I get upcoming RX100 VI + RX10 IV or AX100/AXP55 + RX100 VI?

  4. Hey, Mikael!
    tell me please – is there a big difference between recording on SD card and recording on NINJA?
    is it worth it to use external recording to increase quality?
    I'm using A7Sii and RX10III (as camera B) at the moment… and I can't tell that I'm satisfied with the RX10iii video quality

  5. great review and ideas.. is there a shoguno r other hdmi recorder that is UNDER $1000 that records 4k?.. i dont need the $1500 DNG 4:2:2 recording 9 out of 10 times

  6. great quality of the lighting and setup. Nice studio feel. Pleasant presentation, very balanced and discrete. Subscribed, wondering why do you have only 249 sibscribers

  7. I like Sony as well, but you should consider the Panasonic fz2500…. no time limit and 4.2.2 10bit output if you want to use the external recorder.

  8. Great review! I'll get this camera for filming aircraft asap I have fund, I also has the DSC-HX400V with longer zoom 24-1200mm though not in the same specs as this advanced RX10 III.

  9. Thanks for the review. I mostly shoot sports video where I often benefit using higher frame rates. Is there pre rec option available in the camera, as it would make a world of difference to me in timing the shots?

  10. How well do the RX10iii and the external recorder get along with each other? Have you encountered any skin smoothing in the externally recorded footage?

  11. I have the original SONY RX10. really great camera. I have put it through torturous use and conditions and it is still working perfectly 2 years later. as for size, now feeling this is still too big for me to take on vacation so looking at SONY A6300 for travel.

  12. Curious how easy it is to go from recording 30fps video and switch to 120fps or 480? can that be assigned to one of the programmable buttons?

  13. I've got em both …. And I just think the RX10 ii with its ND filter is a better video camera …. The 600mm isn't so important for video

  14. I'm a videographer as well and I was thinking of going with the RX10 III as a B camera. My plan is to use it for professional use and some personal use. I'm curious of video quality in low light. A lot of my shoots are indoors and can be challenging with limited light options. Also, is there a way to remotely activate the high-speed recording? So I wouldn't have to be standing next to the camera to press the record button on the body? -Thanks

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