What type of Youtuber should you be? Youtube personality test | Pick one quiz
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What type of Youtuber should you be? Youtube personality test | Pick one quiz

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Want to become a Youtuber? Choose the right topic for your Youtube channel that matches perfectly with your personality. This personality test will help you make the most important decision when starting a channel. Find the right niche by answering 10 questions. Pick one option for each question, add up your score and let the results reveal the truth.

There are many options to consider when starting a Youtube channel. Finding a topic that will allow you to consistently produce videos is top of the list, but you also need to match your topic with your personality. With most how-to and tutorials you need to be able to put yourself out there, so too if you want to make gaming walkthroughs. Other options allow you to remain off camera. The choice is yours, but make the right choice by thinking of what you are comfortable with, and what type of person you are. Have fun getting to know yourself by completing this new personality assessment from 90 Second IQ Boosters.

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29 Replies to “What type of Youtuber should you be? Youtube personality test | Pick one quiz”

  1. I got gaming lol I actually did want to do that for my channel when I decide to start it up but I still am negative about it I am not sure exactly what I want which is still a problem plus camera shy so I'll probably do those vids where you don't see my face and I just talk but still what to do cuz there is quite a few things I wanna do I like gaming I like slime maybe vloging a bit I like challenges idk what to do

  2. Can you make a video on wich male singer are we with: shawn mendes, liam payne, louis tomlinson, the weeknd and ZAYN?

  3. i want the next video on flower ….>………..
    what type a flower u r piease please …………………………………………………..

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