14 Ways to Make Money from Home that Work
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14 Ways to Make Money from Home that Work

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6 Replies to “14 Ways to Make Money from Home that Work”

  1. Great video! I am interested in blogging. I really like Wix better than the blue host. Wix seems easier and user-friendly. I like the premade template. I would be starting from scratch but I really enjoy writing. What is your advice or tip for someone like me? Thanks in advance!

  2. Thank you for sharing I have a question I live in California do you know if these companies will hire California based people

  3. Thank you for sharing these with us. I have made quite a bit of extra money with some of the jobs you talk about in your videos.

  4. ~Hi there and thank you for your thoughtfulness in making these videos! I was working for my first ever work at home job – Sitel – and did the training for four weeks. Then, as life does give us surprises – both welcome and unwelcome, lol – electrical storm took away my desktop via frying it – even with surge protector…. Just got a new computer and will either return to Sitel or get another work at home position…. So I do peruse these kinds of videos and websites, re legit work at home jobs and other opps. So yes indeed GF – I totally appreciate people like you who take the time and energy to make these videos simply to help others! Bravo to you! =)
    ~~Blogging sounds wonderful, especially since I am an aspiring writer. But! I need a regular, sure thing income. So for me, my need is to have a FT work at home position providing steady income, then will be working on my first book to our world around my work schedule. I do have tons of links and info re lots of work at home jobs – all thanks to companies and individuals like you who freely share this kind of information for all.
    ~~~Another fantastic resource for writers is the annual publication called "The Writers Market". It tells one everything they need to know if they wish to follow the old fashioned route, as do I, re writing books, then getting published. But yes, those blogs etc are certainly what many people do like doing.
    ~~~~Thanks for you and Happy Thursday! =)

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