360fly review Using the 360fly camera
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360fly review Using the 360fly camera

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What a better way to review the product than through the product itself. I tested out the 360fly camera this week. A half-spherical 360 view with an HD quality. But is this the camera to buy? Get 360fly:


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25 Replies to “360fly review Using the 360fly camera”

  1. Just watched your review Sir… and the case that is included in the Kit actually isn't for the adapters, it is for the Camera… It stretches very nicely over my camera…

  2. The main thing I got this for…is for music videos, I like the upside way, but i am bringing mine one foot off the ground on a tripod, the bottom placard is my band name/logo. I agree, no case..mine didnt have ant attachments. just the charging base, over all its not bad, mine is not the 4k…BUT i have video editing software that can improve this. Music video creation is a art, just like hollywood movies, there are filters used in music and movies that soften up…making video production easy on the eye, to crisp and precision video, like 4 k, for a professional production, makes the movie/video unrealistically refined, as just home movies, 4k is fine, but for a warmer more relaxing production this HD is great…your video here, the quality of image is great..its more warm and soft

  3. What do I need to view in wide angle? Both my laptops are cutting out the outer scene. This is happening to all the 360fly videos I attempted to watch.

  4. lololololol this camera is misleading, 360 means you can pan around to get the full landscape, aka 2x 180 degree camera back to back, then stitched together with software. not a 360 camera. 240 degree at best. quality loks like a security camera at best.

    good review though, but good luck to them!

  5. hey man great info. I can't get it to post to my facebook or YouTube. it also save it like a fish bowl. any help with this would be great. thanks again for the share

  6. hey man great info. I can't get it to post to my facebook or YouTube. it also save it like a fish bowl. any help with this would be great. thanks again for the share

  7. The video quality looks a little better than my Theta S, which only goes up to 1080s on YouTube, whereas this one is 1440s. A really nice review, sounds like it's pretty good, hopefully they fix a few of these things on the 4k version.

  8. This is an awesome video.  I watched it in my Oculus Rift.  Just a couple of things though, the video didn't play in HD, and there was a constant wind-like noise in the background, I don't think it was the sound of wind, but maybe an audio setting needed to adjusted.  Overall, it was good to see Jeffery in 360, and the park scene was really cool.  I was able to turn around and see everything just like being there.

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