Airsoft Sniper - 3D Printed GoPro Scope Camera Mount
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Airsoft Sniper – 3D Printed GoPro Scope Camera Mount

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A lot of people have asked me about my Scope Camera setup. Well here’s an overview of it.

If you want to have a go an printing this yourself or modifying the design you can get the design files here

If you are looking for the prism, which I took from the a clone angle sight you can get one of those off (just search from Element Angle Sight). Don’t use a genuine Angle Sight, I’ve been told the prism is a different size.

A lot of people have said they are not able to get access to a 3D printer so my design is now on Shapeways I have also uploaded more photos and info here so its worth checking out if you need more detail.

19 Replies to “Airsoft Sniper – 3D Printed GoPro Scope Camera Mount”

  1. Nice stuff, I will be picking up one of your shapeway models and then maybe in the future make some prints of my own and see if I can make them for larger scopes. We will see though, anyways awesome job!

  2. I am looking to do this for this upcoming hunting season with 22. Lr. The reciol is not strong so it should not get loose. Can you please give me the exact demensions of the prism and can you some how give me the file of the mount so i can 3d print it my self. Thank you and you are very smart to figure this out. Thanks and i hope you reply soon thank you.

  3. with a good quality scope with a large magnification… you should be able to zoom in and out as far as you like… if the go pro films what you see… and should stay clear as

  4. Good afternoon cellusnz I have gopro hero 5 black put tube but it looks very small is not going well I see your video tube stuck with viewer looks better retricula?

  5. Como eu faço pra refletir a imagem da camera dessa forma que você colocou ???? você pode fazer um tutorial mostrando como montar ???

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