ASUS left us unsupervised with their water cooled graphics card...
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ASUS left us unsupervised with their water cooled graphics card…

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43 Replies to “ASUS left us unsupervised with their water cooled graphics card…”

  1. You all know that this isn't something Linus 'sneakily' did behind Asus' back right?…

    How do you get a tech youtuber to give your card a lot of attention and make a VERY interesting video about it?.. you let him take it apart!

    Seriously, the marketing guy at Asus that came up with this idea deserves a nice fat bonus.

  2. Hey Linus, if you are going to build your next PC, always and I mean ALWAYS go with AMD Ryzen Build! No Intel. Intel sucks! Intel is an utter garbage! Fuck you if you still using Intel!

  3. This is, perhaps, my favorite youtube video of all time!

    They left us unsupervised! I had a screw driver! What else could I do?

  4. The F is wrong with linus? "More stably, more faster, more bigger" Iv watched a couple of these CES videos and he keeps adding the word "more" were it isn't required. Dont know if he is doing it to be funny or if he doesn't know.

  5. From reading the comments I'm glad I was not the only one getting unsettled by watching Linus break into things. Especially after watching JaysTwoCents's video showing what appears to have been a previously broken into card.

  6. Omg why he is still advertising dbrand grip? It ended up being a disaster, mine literally fell apart in couple months and shortly after that my phone got destroyed.

  7. Jesus Linus! take some tea, deep breathe… I can't stand your videos in the morning!!! Where is all that energy coming from?

  8. At the time this thing will be on market, I will sell my good old 2080 Ti and buy the new 3080 Ti in 7nm which will be 50% faster this this ASUS thing.
    It's not only that you can build things, you have to be there in the stores at the right time !

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