Cameras in the Courtroom - KEN HERON - Dash-Cam Victory
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Cameras in the Courtroom – KEN HERON – Dash-Cam Victory

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It was an emotional roller-coaster for your pal Ken, but in the end…
The lowly dash-cam wins the day!

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33 Replies to “Cameras in the Courtroom – KEN HERON – Dash-Cam Victory”

  1. Thanks to u, I had my husband install one in my son's car (new driver) and it saved his bottom!! A lady claimed he hit her and the video proved she cut him off and then slammed on her brakes… THANK U SOOOO MUCH!!

  2. It seems like it would have been much easier and cheaper to plead guilty to the ticket from the beginning and take the defensive driving class

  3. You have some skills, and lots of personality. But your editing and settings could use a little work. Fun to watch, and informative!

  4. Glad you got off the contempt charge, but in video at 0:33 when your originally pulled your only allowed to pass 1 car at a time, and your not allowed to speed even when passing

  5. The Justice system and court processes are jokes! It's designed by a pimp to squeeze every nickel possible out the public. You are not innocent until proven guilty! You are innocent if you have the financial backing!

  6. I’ve been in a out of jail since grade school I can’t believe they had such hard on for you. Normally if you’re a white dude they give you a certain benefit of a doubt but this is ridiculous that jurisdiction must be really strapped for cash

  7. I really wanted to see the trial and how you presented your evidence. Did you take in a tablet or laptop or use the courts computer? Also, wanted to see how your attorney cross examined the officer. All the rest was a waste of time.
    I totally see the idea of having one's day in court and proving that you are right and the officer is wrong, especially since he has this attitude. But, the 3 to 4 hours of traffic school would have been much cheaper, less time involved, and much less hassle.

  8. wish I could get that lawyer for what the hospital did to me not to mention the state dairy inspectors that hurt me and pretty much said oh well.

  9. i like hospitals. went in for spine surgery at 7am Tuesday. they told me do NOT eat any thingafter 12 noon the day before surgery got out of surgery in the hospital for 3 days on broth and  7-up then they tell me I cant leave till I poop DUH. no solid food for almost 4 days DUH!!!!

  10. You seem to have more than your fair share of confrontations with both civilians and law enforcement. Honestly… there doesn't seem to be any notion of 'live and let live' in the western world. I suspect this is due to overpopulation. People – though being fairly social animals – also like their own space, and the urban environments we've made for ourselves don't really allow for that, so everyone is in a perpetual state of annoyance and irritation with each other.

    Humans suck.

  11. looking for Mike Heron, served with him 1985-87, was a 8404 hospital corpsman, with 2d battalion 6th marines, 2d mardiv. camp leguene, nc

  12. xD Haha Ken.. This is the third video of yours I have seen. So far loving your stuff… You had me cracking up this whole video xD cheers mate.

  13. I have to say that this video was humorous. I have to admit.I really could not tell your speed from the other video so you may want a dash cam that can somehow show your speed also. Congrats on your victory.

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