Camrote an amazing remote app for Sony mirrorless cameras
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Camrote an amazing remote app for Sony mirrorless cameras

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Camrote an amazing remote app for Sony mirrorless cameras

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29 Replies to “Camrote an amazing remote app for Sony mirrorless cameras”

  1. Hi David! Thanks for the awesome review. Rest assured In App Purchases will be available soon for you to get stuck into, just waiting on the information to propagate to Apple's servers!

  2. Not too much additional functionality that already is providing playmemories app, so pay pfor it is not good selection. Is this app allow focus clicking into iphone screen?

  3. Nice start for a basic remote controller w/o focus control. Looks like the author has managed to write code for the different OS that is on the newer cams. Tried w/6500; works w/Sony remote app. Does enable focus selection.

  4. I tried it and it’s a good start, but it’s very unpolished at this point. Basic camera controls work well, but nothing else seems to be working quite yet. If he can get the bugs worked out and implement the features that he plans to add, he’ll get my money.

  5. I am having trouble with this app it won't take a picture when I press the circle button on the app. I have put the camera into the single shot mode and still won't fire off. I hear a beep to say it has locked focus but won't take picture any help would be great. I am using iPhone xs max if that helps, any help would be good cheers, Dean.

  6. How about adding for apple only!!! on the title? Guess you wanted extra views. Thumbs down for click baiting android users!

  7. This looks like a wonderful app, if it works. Sony's remote app of a few years ago shows how badly set up a huge camera company is to produce quality software. I am afraid that I will be rather cautious about this app because of all the time I wasted on the Sony remote app. I read about it, purchased it, and set it up only to find that it required that you shoot only in JPEG. There were a few other zingers deeply buried in the fine print as well. A complete waste of time. This app at least explicitly offers a raw transfer mode. I assume this means that the app also allows images to be TAKEN in raw as well, but once burned twice shy. Thanks for the fascinating review!

  8. Thanks! I will check it out! I hope the geotagging is working soon, but it looks like there will be only gpx and i love to have the tags right in the shots but with the sony app it works terrible every sleep mode i have to strat the sony app to get it to work i hope this app will eventually add the tags to the photo's

  9. Works great, been waiting for an easy app to use and the iPad version too. I have the A7Riii and had problem connecting and got an error, but after I reset wifi settings on the camera it connected using QR with no problem.

  10. Using Cascable it's also free (can be upgraded to pro version) and it's way more advanced and have support for all the camera brands and have matured over the last 2 years.

  11. Downloaded it to shoot self portrait but I am not able to focus from the app? Does any one knows how to acquire focus from the app?

  12. Oh my this might be fab!! The in app purchases says "Loading" hmm maybe I have to connect to my camera? It is for iPad too! I really want to see how this goes!

    I wonder the range on it. This would make me so happy!

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