December Vlog (What Being a YouTuber is Really Like) - KayleyMelissa
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December Vlog (What Being a YouTuber is Really Like) – KayleyMelissa

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First time ever! My December vlog aka what it’s really like to be a YouTuber during the Holidays. I hope you enjoy, and let me know if you want more!

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I thought it’d be fun to do a video that lets you get to know me a little more. It was fun trying vlogging and condensing all of vlogmas into one video. I hope you also enjoy the little peek into what I got for Christmas and my new year resolutions for 2018!

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–What Is Victoria:

–Victoria Season 2 Trailer:
(Seriously, so pumped!)

–I Dressed Like it Was 1967
(The video I filmed with Safiya Nygaard)

–Bark Box

–Herbal Essence Micellar Water & Blue Ginger Shampoo

–Herbal Essence Blue Ginger Foam Conditioner

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24 Replies to “December Vlog (What Being a YouTuber is Really Like) – KayleyMelissa”

  1. I didn’t know that about self care. I’m terrible about being too lazy to shower or brush teeth, etc. I’ve never questioned it before, but now you’ve got me thinking…

  2. kayley! will you please do a video for all of us poor flight attendants, who are forced to wear our hair up for all times? please please please?

  3. You did a wonderful job! It really is hard work. My boyfriend is trying to become a YouTuber. When you guys started to squeak the dog toys, my dogs started to freaking out. Lol.

  4. thank you for speaking to the little lurking residual habits of depression that many of us experience! i totally have been there/am there all the time and am thinking of trying this resolution with you!

  5. Girl, you had me at puppies….. oh my goodness. Pippin, huskies, tiny wee babes….they're all so cute!
    Thank you for talking about your experience with mental health! I totally know that feeling of just not wanting to bother taking care of yourself, but you feel so much better when you do. AND can relate to the feeling disorganized bit. 😉 I started incorporating time in my night before bed where I write down everything I think i need to do the next day, big or small, don't organize or prioritize, just get it all down! It's helped me so much. Then in the morning, I can plan out what order to do everything in. Makes my days so much easier.

  6. I love following your channel and would love to see more vlogs. Your a huge inspiration and I wanna be your friend (LOL) because you are always so happy and uplifting.

  7. I love your videos but pleeeease turn the volume up a little bit. I have it on max and can hardly understand the videos 🙁 I don't have that problem with other youtubers though

  8. Thank you so much for sharing I still struggle with depression and those same habits. I can’t tell you how much that helped me hearing that someone else struggles. I was always to embarrassed to share or discuss that.

  9. YES KAYLEY! KICK THAT DEPRESSION IN THE BUTT! 🙂 Self-care is one of my main goals this year too! So far I've been doing a really good job at brushing my teeth every morning and night and wearing my night guard/retainer 🙂 Good luck to you with your goals! 

    Also I really enjoyed the vlog! 🙂 xx

  10. Hi Kayley,
    Thank you for talking about this specific way in which depression manifests itself. You are helping to reduce stigma around depression as well as its symptoms and I appreciate that.

  11. thank you for being open and honest. I struggle with the daily cleanliness too. I've had family members tell me "You stink" or "You smell" when I've struggled with bathing on a consistent basis. an excellent reminder that mental wellness includes physical wellness too.

  12. Lovely to see into your life. I have had mild depression and anxiety so its great to hear other people be open and honest about it. I can totally relate to where your coming from. Happy New Year and the start of new beginings Becky xx

  13. Kyley, you have gorgeous skin! Do you have a routine you stick to? Would like to see a video of it if you do! I've been getting into skin care lately.

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