'Furlough sisters' start business to make money during shutdown
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‘Furlough sisters’ start business to make money during shutdown

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Sisters Nikki Howard, who works for the FDA, and Jaqi Wright, who works for the DOJ, are using their free time during the government shutdown to make cheesecakes to sell. #CNN #News

20 Replies to “‘Furlough sisters’ start business to make money during shutdown”

  1. If people have distrust of our president that is ok. But listen to what real people say about the border crisis. This is real and watch the whole story not part of the news. Must be the truth seeker. Make your own assessment not by the part of the news they want you to see. This is not about president or who is right. It is about our country safety and better future for our kids and our citizens. @lw6g

  2. If only the Democrats knew how these people felt.
    Why won't the Democrats just open the government and get it over with?

  3. Wow this two woman are amazing! Beautiful, smart and poised! I wish them all the best on their new business. It's sad what is happening to hard working people across the country. Perhaps others will find better opportunities too. A Go Fund Me page for their business would be a good idea too.

  4. If the Furloughed sisters read this, can you guys please send me a cheasecake and send the bill to Mexico. I hear that's how it works.

  5. ugh that's terrible. no one should have to start a business to make money, they should be able to rely solely on government employment like the founding fathers intended.

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