25 Replies to “GAME CHANGER RDA! Smoothest Vape EVER! The Profile By Wotofo And #mrjustright1”

  1. A couple things I didn't mention in the video:
    1. This RDA never gets hot on me even having that thick barrel.
    2. Because the air holes on the barrel are small, it doesn't leak when I squonk.

  2. hey there, I've ordered the wotofo and the pulse x from a chinese site but I'm not sure if I'll get a battery with the pulse x, since they don't mention it in the description, so… can you send me a link for one just in case, thx 🙂

  3. This RDA is incredible. Put it on m Topside and I feel like I was never really vaping until now.. Thanks to mrjustright1 a lot of attention to detail went into this

  4. Thanks for this RDA/RSA review mate, I just bought this couple days ago and this is by far the best vape experienced I've tried to date! Everything's you mentioned here is what I get while vaping it. Cant express more because this is more likely the perfect RDA/RSA out there to date! Credit to #mrjustright1, you made somethings so bloody good!

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