Google Pixelbook Unboxing - Could You Switch?
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Google Pixelbook Unboxing – Could You Switch?

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Unboxing the new Google Pixelbook. The Pixelbook is Google’s latest entry into the Chromebook space. It’s got a premium build and premium price to match. The Pixelbook features a convertible design capable of switching between laptop, tent and tablet mode. Is the Pixelbook ready to stand up against the Macbook and the Microsoft Surface?

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22 Replies to “Google Pixelbook Unboxing – Could You Switch?”

  1. Hey guys, I recently got an Hp Chromebook for Black Friday. I put some time into figuring out this laptop. I normally use a laptop for photoshop and video editing. After figuring things out I would suggest anyone using programs other then Googles to not get any sort of Chromebooks. It's practically a tablet with a keyboard and a few other features. They do limit what you can do on the laptop which pisses me off. Good luck shopping

  2. the keyboard is chiclet style, kind of macbookesque, the trackpad is glass, kind or macbook esque, the chasis is aluminium, kind of macbookesque, the name is pixelbook, kind of macbook.. esque… lol google

  3. I'm pretty sure those bashing and making fun of this device haven't tried Chrome OS.
    I've had Toshiba Chromebook for well over 4 years and it's my fav laptop that I keep going back to. (I own a MBP)

  4. Any Google device is a shit ass useless piece of shit. Google is interested in one thing…..stealing your personal data to share with everyone at a premium cost. Only a drooling ape would buy or use this shit. The reviewer is smoking crack..

  5. I’m actually thinking about switching from Apple to Google devices due to Apple’s pricing policy. It’s getting ridiculous. I bought my MacBook Pro like 5 years ago for $1,500 and it’s still good as it was in the beginning. And now I want to get a newer machine, but if I want to purchase a MBP with kinda same characteristics [Intel Core i7, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD], then I need to pay more than $2,000.

    The only disadvantage of this laptop is that it runs on Chrome OS, which lots of software is not compatible with. But maybe a year or two and we will see.

  6. "Speakers are OK but who cares you can use headphones, I do not recommend using speakers on a laptop if you don't have to"… You would NOT say that if it wasn't a Google product.

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