GoPro Killer? SJCAM SJ8 Pro Review (in 4K)
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GoPro Killer? SJCAM SJ8 Pro Review (in 4K)

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Want a GoPro but don’t feel like spending all that money? This could be a perfect alternative for you, with one big difference that no one else seems to talk about. Is it a deal breaker or will this be the best choice for you?

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25 Replies to “GoPro Killer? SJCAM SJ8 Pro Review (in 4K)”

  1. Very nicely done! I've been looking at the SJCAM SJ8 Pro for some time now and you have helped me make the decision to buy. Thank You Very Much Scott!!!

  2. how about freezing? I see some reviewer said about freezing.. It needs to be removed the battery when it freezes. DO YOU HAVE THIS KIND OF ISSUE?

  3. I have an SJ6 Legend which has just died. I loved that camera much more so than my GoPro Hero 5 which has been nothing but trouble even though it is treated with kid gloves, while the SJ Cam had a much harder life. So after this review I have decided to get the SJ8 Pro. Thank you. oh and you also have a new subscriber!

  4. Great review. Thank you. I have the same action camera (SJ8 Pro). However I still have problem trying to get the optimal microphone setting ("Volume" setting on the SJ8 Pro). I had to crank the Volume (microphone sensitivity) to 9 or 10 to get decent audio recording. However this resulted in a loud hiss with audio recording. Reducing the Volume to "6" will eliminate the hiss sound. However at "6" the recorded audio is hardly audible.

    Wondering if you have the same issue. What is your Volume (Microphone sensitivity)? Do you have hiss sound issue with your recording? Thanks in advance.

  5. i got one of those and when i send the videos to my laptop or smartphone the videos doesnt work good, the sound works but video not.. i only can reproduce videos in 1080 25fps and 1080 30 fps.
    i bought also a expensive sdcard (sandisk extreme pro micro sd) and still doesnt work… Someone can help me in it? Thanks a lot

  6. Very detailed review. It is not waterproof unlike gopro hero 5 and go pro hero 6 but there are also lot of complaints about go pro camera. Whether you use another brand, make sure you put it in waterproof case so you dont have to worry the water will get inside your camera.

  7. Here is a link for downloading the latest firmware for the SJ8 Pro from SJcams website.. I hope the channel owner doesn’t mind me posting this link..

    Download it to a freshly formatted micro SD card and put it into the SD card slot on the camera, switch the camera on and it will automatically update.. When finished format the card whilst it’s still in the camera.. Job done..

  8. P.s. everyone knows to buy a phone gimbal over an action camera one! You can buy adaptors for phone gimbal that fits your action camera! And fit your phone on it also. And the waterproof case won't be a problem. Action camera gimbals are for the super rich and the stupid. Especially when some phone gimbals come with action camera adaptor plates for free.

  9. Great review, a tip for you.. I found with a lot of cameras that heat issues have been down to some memory cards I’ve used, this is with branded cards not the cheapo types either.. Now I use a 128GB Samsung evo plus in my SJCAM SJ8 pro and it runs super cool..They’re not expensive around £28-£32 in the UK, may be cheaper in your part of the world..I absolutely love my SJ8 pro, the footage at 4K or 1080p is excellent, the display is by far the best on any action camera on the market. I’ve had mine around a month and can & will highly recommend it..

  10. did u notice that this camera dont have hdmi output? and also this camera cannot connect to the pc using as a webcam like other sjcam models. Do know how to solve this?

  11. I have heard everyone but you say it crashes all the time and needs resetting or battery taken out? Did you not find this?

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