GTX 1050 TI - Which Card Should You Buy?  6 Card Review
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GTX 1050 TI – Which Card Should You Buy? 6 Card Review

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Full List of GTX 1050 TI Cards — @NewEgg — @Amazon
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Acer Aspire T Desktop PC – $450 – This is what was used for the testing on all 6 cards –

Full Playlist of reviews on all video cards –

— Links to Specific Cards Shown In The Video —
EVGA SuperClocked — @Amazon — @NewEgg
ASUS — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Gigabyte 1 Fan — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Gigabyte 2 Fan — @Amazon — @NewEgg
MSI 1 Fan — @Amazon — @NewEgg
MSI 2 Fan Low Profile — @Amazon — @NewEgg

Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Who Should Buy GTX 1050 TI?
1:58 – No 6-pin PCI-E power required!
3:33 – What is the same on each card?
6:05 – What is different between the cards?
12:20 – Which would I buy?
13:13 – Additional Cards Not Shown
15:00 – GPU Boost 3.0
16:01 – Summary Before Benchmarks
16:40 – Benchmark – Rise of the Tomb Raider – Each Card Shown
25:16 – Results
26:56 – Final Conclusion


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33 Replies to “GTX 1050 TI – Which Card Should You Buy? 6 Card Review”

  1. NOTE – The NewEgg link is listed above first because it is pre-sorted priced lowest to highest, Amazon doesn't allow that sadly (or they do, but it doesn't work right), which is why I put the NewEgg link first. The prices are pretty close to each other on the day this video was posted, but check both, you often will find one on sale or with a mail in rebate!

  2. I own a 1050ti SC 4GB and have been very happy with it. I was looking for something budget conscious that would have decent result. Pretty small footprint this card leaves as well. Will probably upgrade at some point but for now it does the job very nicely. I enjoy this channel.

  3. I install zotac GeForce gtx 1050 ti 4gb 128bit gddr5 (low profile) on HP elitedesk 800 SFF G1 and have problem with the driver. The moment Windows 10 pro installs the driver, or I install from Nvidia site it does give error(blank screen with seconds of snowy screen) . Can not make it work! Any Advice? Is the card bad?

  4. just ordered the EVGA 1050 ti card. replacing a gt 610 card so a pretty good upgrade. i have an older I7 2600 chip so i hope it doesn't bottleneck. darn things aren't under 150 anymore tho

  5. Well, Thank for the details on GTX 1050 Ti. You have mentioned about 5 years old PC, on which 1050 Ti worked fine.

    Therefore, my question to you, will GTX 1050 Ti work nicely with 10 years old PC? I would like to replace Nvidia Geforce GT 9500 512MB with GTX 1050 Ti 4GB DDR5 and boost up my RAM up to 8 GB on Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 2.40GHz, will I be able to play Shadow of Tomb Raider? The games that I can play on my old PC are Tomb Raider Survival, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Tom Clancy`s Ghost Recon Future Soldier, etc. A budget Gaming PC would cost me around $650 but I am willing to spend half of that if I can get playable resolution of latest games in my old system. On the other hand, if I buy a new PC in next 2 years, which will have built-in Intel UHD Graphics 630 on it then would it be wise to buy GTX 1050 Ti. I have two question, so please give me your expert advise. Thanks and Thumbs up to you.

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