Hasselblad H6D-100c Review - Shooting Medium-Format Video
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Hasselblad H6D-100c Review – Shooting Medium-Format Video

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In this guest review, Vienna-based filmmaker Christoph Tilley takes a close look at the Hasselblad H6D-100c – a 100MP, 4K Raw-capable medium format camera. Read the full post here:

48 Replies to “Hasselblad H6D-100c Review – Shooting Medium-Format Video”

  1. Points to be noted:-
    1) This camera (and other brands like this) contains some steel, metals, glass, which weigh a few grams, which costs not more than 7 dollars.
    2) Electronic sensors consists some elementary materials, which costs not more than 10 dollars.
    3) Processing charge not more than 50 dollars.
    5) Engineering brain-work costs not more than 100 dollars.
    So, the price should not be more than 7+10+50+100=167 Dollars.
    Well, the Chinese and the Indian engineers are just waiting to copy the technology. That day is not far away when you will all find it in the market at a cheap rate. For example, you see the huge difference between the cost of Mars and Lunar expedition by NASA (USA) vehicles, and the ISRO (Indian) made Chandrayan and Mangalyan space vehicles. If we can send complicated space vehicles to the space at such a cheap rate, why can't we make a Hasselblad 100 megapixel camera or a Phase One camera ? I believe, it is damn possible. This should be in the hands of general public, not in the hands of lucky, rich, and chosen few.

  2. For the price of this camera, lenses, and SD cards, it should come with its own camera operator – and only 30 fps? Really. My drone records at 4k 60fps.

  3. This is a dedicated stills camera (very impressive quality for sure but EXPENSIVE indeed) but is not suitable for a serious video production. There are better an affordable options for video. 30000 bucks for 24fps doesn't make sense.

  4. Das Video versteht nicht zu überzeugen. Bei einer hochgestochenen Kamera wie der Hasselblad sollte man sich als Interessent mehr Präsentation -und Qualitätsaufwand, während der Filmaufnahmen erwarten dürfen!

  5. That medium format look is so damn good. I wish they made a dedicated video camera with a sensor this size. And yes, brilliant video mate.

  6. .mmmm i wouldn't call that a "full frame medium format" because true full frame medium format is 6x9cm… this isn't even bigger than 6×4.5cm which is like an aps-c sensor

  7. Its the kind of Review quality you would expect from Audi Le mans video… god what a talent… great shots man!

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