How does the rollable TV work?
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How does the rollable TV work?

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22 Replies to “How does the rollable TV work?”

  1. 75" is way too litle for 8K…. also we are lucky to ge any real 4K content these days. I bet it looks great from up-close with proper 8K footage, but I feel like 8K will never catch as production standard at least in next 10 years. And then you will buy 8K in wallmart for 300 bucks…

  2. I will be annoyed waiting for the screen to be popped up every single time. It's no for me. Technology should ease our life, not just a gimmick.

  3. I am curious as to how long these last one would think rolling up a LCD repeatedly would eventually cause dead pixels and artifacting down the road. So how well do these units age?

  4. Why would you want a TV that folds away? I've had a projector screen which can retract for 5 or 6 years and I've put it up once to cut a hole in the wall behind it to run some wires.
    Also 8K TV? There's almost nothing to watch in 4k. TV makers must be reaching market saturation of 4k TV's, so it's time to start rolling out the next BS.

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