INAPPROPRIATE People At Walmart!
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INAPPROPRIATE People At Walmart!

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10 INAPPROPRIATE People At Walmart!
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 INAPPROPRIATE People At Walmart! Millions of people use Walmart as their main supermarket for buying food, drink and even technology. It’s a big part of many people’s lifestyle, including strange people!

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26 Replies to “INAPPROPRIATE People At Walmart!”

  1. I am astonished at how in the US, they authorize the entry of animals inside a place like Walmart! I have nothing against animals, quite the contrary, but I live in Europe and here in the vast majority of establishments, it is not allowed the entry of any kind of animals.

  2. Things stupid about this vidio 1- the child was just playing"let's push daddy". It would be physically impossible for her to push that load around 2-that was just an Obama look alike. If it was really Obama then he would be surrounded by secret service 3-hospitals dont loan out equipment like that. He brought it from home

  3. The biggest pisser is rapid checkout 5 items or less. Yet these asshats jump in line with 10 or more items. Either they can't count or too damn ignorant. Young lady at the register told a lady 5 items or less and you'd think she was set upon by wolves the way she carried on. Another trick is to get in line then have their kids or friends run a relay team. I feel for the employees. Working hard, under constant scrutiny. Then have to put up with some ignorant sweathog at the register. They tear off price tags, state their being overcharged, arguing bullshit. Another is the clown with the check but left their ID in the car or at home. Or the people taking chips, sodas and candy consuming it in the store setting the garbage on shelves. Not to leave out two groups who feel inconvenienced and raise a stink when baby strollers, backpacks or other store bags are ask to be checked knowing their busted for shop lifting. A sign when entering the store states no backpacks, bags allowed. Not all Walmart deals are the best, there are some rude employees but for the most part customers are rude, pushy and damn ignorant. Oh, the local Walmart is just outside of a Democrat controlled hell hole called Baltimore City. That tells you the type of people who cause the most problems and most retailers have shutdown in those areas. We had a couple nice malls, one was demolished (not old) another is half vacant.

  4. The pictures are alright but your idea of funny talk is a huge fail! Face it you're not a comedian and never will be! UNWATCHABLE!

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