Jimmy's Declassified YouTube Termination Survival Guide
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Jimmy’s Declassified YouTube Termination Survival Guide

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35 Replies to “Jimmy’s Declassified YouTube Termination Survival Guide”

  1. Some people are saying there's no audio during the clip around 11 minutes in. There is audio there. But I think it's in stereo and only coming through one side. So if you can't hear it, try headphones or something. I dunno. It works on all of my computers.

  2. alright put on the tin hats this one is deep

    Quinton told youtube about this because mumkey got fucked right before he called quinton a fat cuck and it seemed to start off a new tread of shitting on him so Quinton got mad told youtube about him.

  3. Anyone who unironically supports YouTube banning mumkey should fucking die. this will happen to your channels. your videos. your friends. Fight against this shit instead of letting this happen. Freedom of speech is absolutely necessary.

  4. Mumkey is in no way encouraging or promoting acts of violence or hate speech. There was never ANY violent imagery or incitement of hate speech. It's all ludicrous. He deserves to have a voice and a platform to create magnificent content like this video. You did something wrong, YouTube. Stop directly targeting innocent creators. #FreeMumkey

  5. Quinton is trash now, he used to just talk bout games and shit but now he has gone full SJW he can’t get through a single review without switching on his “wokeness”

  6. I think the youtube team is in the "secret evil people" ideological pit now. They probably decided that your videos were only pretending to be satire to secretly spread your views about agreeing with Eliot Rodger, because they are fucking insane.

  7. A solution might be to upload your videos to a youtube alternative, like bit chute.
    That way people can still see your vids
    Edit: I see you already did that with your website

  8. I agree with this 100% and you nail them on every point. But, it doesn't feel like a Survival Guide if you're repeatedly asking for your channel back. I was hoping for a video that would be the re-birth of Mumkey outside of YouTube. This could then be followed up with a Survival Guide as a big FU right back at them. Whatever happens I hope everything works out for you and the desire to create great content keeps you going.

  9. The FBI are investigating the incel community (and likely, bachelor communities too). Interesting.

    And what is odd about this whole situation, mocking and parodying of incels (and other bachelors) would be something YouTube would turn a blind eye to because they detest them. There has to be something big to have brought about these takedowns.

  10. Fun fact: YouTube deletes great comedy/satire channels like the late- mumkey jones. BUT YouTube allows people that have KILLED and ABUSED their own pet on camera to stay on the platform. Hmm…. not to mention said YouTuber Peluchin Entertainment's most recent video was titled "I ADOPTED MORE KITTENS TO KILL" but then he changed it to "adopte nuevos gatos" in his native language (I adopted new kittens)

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