MASTER HEADSHOTS on WIDOWMAKER - Top 500 Gameplay Tips | Overwatch Pro Guide
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MASTER HEADSHOTS on WIDOWMAKER – Top 500 Gameplay Tips | Overwatch Pro Guide

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This Overwatch pro Widowmaker guide by Top 500 GM Pray will teach you the tips and tricks you need to land every headshot and duel enemy flankers with the help of pro player CARPE’S gameplay VOD. This guide also covers how to aim as Widow as well as many more tips to unlock your inner Widow god!

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31 Replies to “MASTER HEADSHOTS on WIDOWMAKER – Top 500 Gameplay Tips | Overwatch Pro Guide”

  1. -Doesnt get heals most of the entire third point and has to play defensively
    -Still manages to get picks
    Tanks and Healer "Switch off you suck"

  2. Thing to note with this Carpe coverage is it's just a standard ladder game for him, not really super crazy teamwork. You'd find a Widow in a stack of some sort (or in a scrim) wouldn't be as hyper aggressive and would have the team playing around them more (on maps like Gibraltar etc)

  3. Is there a difference between 38 and 37.89 relative sens? I played in 38 thinkin that was the 1:1 relative sens, and because pros who play with 1:1 use 38. Should I lower it to 37.89 just in case or it is not worth it?

  4. Bruh you need to know that people with naturally bad aim just cant be taught to aim. You're either good or ur not. Some people just cant learn to read the battlefield either

  5. I understand you guys that you try to give us viewers the best content and I really appreciate it sometimes, but these facts are basics that dont help at any way! Sorry for that critic but im trying to help. I understand you guys live by gaining clicks, but I mean show us where to position ourselves as widow. On specific maps for example

  6. For those ppl, who's going to google name of this game (4:21) – it's KovaaK's FPS Aim Trainer. Sales on Steam.
    Just saying. Maybe someone had a missheard.

  7. Honestly the jumping one doesnt really help, half the shots hit after they start falling and the "slow down," where? I think your just really good and it's basically just click heads forehead

  8. Maybe this is going to sounds stupid, but I have to ask, Most widowmaker mains are using Palm grip and they are killing People every time, and then there is me widow main using palm/claw grip (I am hybrid in a way) so the question is that if I am going to use full palm will It make me a better player? (sorry for my english).

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