Microphones for video cameras part 2
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Microphones for video cameras part 2

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In this video I use,compare and test various different microphones for video cameras, DSLRS and Camcorders. I look at the inbuilt microphone on a typical quality camcorder and how the sound can be improved upon by a variety of mics, namely; a Rode video mic, a dynamic hand held mic, and wired and wireless lapel mics. I use a Panasonic HDC SD900 camcorder and a Canon 600D DSLR.

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  1. Dave I need some help, Im starting to do video logs, and I need a mic! I record in my garage, so theres no background noise, and Im about a meter and half away from the camera? I dont want to be holding a mic, and I dont have much to spend.. But I want, good'ish quality… What do you suggest?

  2. You forgot directional boom mic from above, which cuts out ambient noise because it selects for mostly the sound coming from the subject, the ground at his feet, and the sky above his head.

  3. the Sennheiser mic kit is the ew 100 g2 which has a wireless transmitter and receiver and a lapel mic. I will check and post the samson model details when i am back home next couple of days

  4. The wireless mic was a samson and is ok. To be honest i have since bought a second hand senheisser wireless mic set and the sound quality is much better. They are more expensive but I found i was filming a lot more and for a self shooter like myself the ability to move around a lot using a wireless mic is a great advantage and time saver.

  5. Hi antony, thanks for the comment. I think I'll do an update on the issue of sound in filming soon cos since that video I've learned an awful lot myself. One of the major things is the need to constantly monitor the sound being recorded. For a self shooter like myself that can be tricky but still necessary.

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