Multi-Camera Recording Made Easy - with Panopto
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Multi-Camera Recording Made Easy – with Panopto

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Capture your screen and video from multiple recording devices all on a single laptop.

Panopto makes it easy to record, share, and search video–in a single solution that requires no specialized hardware and minimal training.

Panopto makes it easy for your organization to record, store, share, and search video, no matter what kind of video device you’re using.

But what if you want to use more than one video device?

Panopto is unique is our ability to capture multiple video feeds from a single Windows PC. Check it out in our latest video!

Why multiple-camera recording?

Recording multiple streams of video simultaneously means you’ll never need to choose between recording the presenter or the presentation.

Multiple cameras make it easy to add more visual angles to product and technical demos, capture additional information during meetings like brainstorming whiteboards, and to see more during live events.

How does it work?

When setting up a Panopto recording, adding another video source is as easy as clicking “Add Another Video Source” and selecting your camera. You can record your screen, as well as any video device you can plug into your PC — webcams, analog and digital camcorders, HDMI capture devices, document cameras, and more. Just plug your recording device into your Windows laptop and Panopto will take care of the rest.

You can even add a camera while you’re recording — just plug the second (or third, or fourth…) camera into your laptop. Panopto will instantly recognize it, make it available, and allow you to start recording with it — automatically synced with your other video.

You can also use your iPhone or iPad to record and automatically sync with recordings in progress.

And if you finish your recording and realize there’s another video you’d like to add (say, from your Flip cam or Google Glass), you can upload that to your Panopto video library and add it into your recording later using Panopto’s video editor.

Recording multiple streams of video will let your team capture the presentation, the presenter, and more — so you’ll always have the right angle to capture every idea.

Want to try Panopto’s multi-camera video recording capability for yourself? Sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

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