Render Multiple Cameras to Various Image Resolutions
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Render Multiple Cameras to Various Image Resolutions

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In this video I am going to show you how you can automatically render multiple cameras – even with different backgrounds and various lighting setups – to separate files with varying resolutions!
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Tools used in this video:
Blender 2.8 Beta

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… realistic Silver, Gold, Platinum, Pewter, Copper

00:45 Subject setup
02:30 Instagram
06:40 Magazine Cover
09:38 Facebook
11:45 CMD
15:30 Cycles vs EEVEE
17:18 Compositor

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25+years full-stack senior software engineer, hobbyist blender-head and photography enthusiast
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9 Replies to “Render Multiple Cameras to Various Image Resolutions”

  1. great tut with useful tips!
    Unrelated question: what are the little window overlay that we can see at 13:16 ? i'm with windows 10 Family and i don't have this feature :-s

  2. Wow! Thank you.
    Helped me a lot: interesting topic, thorough presentation, great narrative.
    (If you are not a teacher, you should be!)

  3. of course this is very cool and helpful, a bit too many commands for me but maybe we can get this in 2.8 alpha as a button where we can insert the scenes, you really need very often different renders (resolution, light, position) from a project to example for thumbnails, a profile, previews. this would really be a great innovation. Otherwise, I will just always call your great tutorial and imitate it :-), thank you.

  4. Ever needed to render a scene viewed from different camera angles, with different studio setups and to different target image resolutions? Here's how you can do it using Blender's scenes – no plugin required!

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