SSD Review - Which Should You Buy? - 2017 Edition
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SSD Review – Which Should You Buy? – 2017 Edition

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43 Replies to “SSD Review – Which Should You Buy? – 2017 Edition”

  1. UPDATE – NVMe SSD Review next week, this video is all about SATA Drives…

    NOTE – Prices change VERY often for these drives, there is a sale on one or more of them almost every week, so check them all to see where the deal is each week…

    35 Drives – The 35 drives tested ranged from the 10 you see here to other models such as the SanDisk SSD Plus, Corsair Force LE, Crucial BX200, SanDisk X400s, Transcend 370s, Silicon Power S55, and older drives such as the Intel 300 series.

    I didn't include every benchmark to try and keep down the clutter and frankly the ones not included aren't worth considering, so I focused on the 10 good drives!

  2. I use an SSD for Windows and HDD's for mass storage/scratch disks. I just bought a 256Gb Samsung 860 Pro to replace my ailing 120Gb Kingston HyperX Fury SSD.

  3. I don't see the Intel 545s in your top 10. How is that?
    Is it because Intel refused to pay you or give you free stuff to be on your list.

  4. Love the way you explain things. Straight, simple, precise. You are very practical in your explaination. You give details that matter. Thanks.

  5. Hi. Over 12 months later and still useful as i need to replace my old 2010 HP laptop from the old mechanical drive with a new drive and i might as well go with a new SSD drive.

    Your tutorials are very good / excellent with clear information that is not all technical jargon

    Your presentation is excellent, If i can add 2 things which may just apply to this specific video – please do not take it as negative criticism

    (A) The graph initially surprised me, i then realized that the last item was clearly identified as a 7200RPM and in playing it back you did mention i t was there to compare SSD to HDD, this is great, but i would have used a different colour, the result bars are close to zero so no real way of doing that, but the product identification ie WD 1T 7200rpm may have been edited to another colour eg yellow or something to make it stand out as different or a older standard / benchmark.

    No big deal, i do this at work for excel to show comparison to lat year or 3 year average as i cant always have the odd one out of the bottom and if it is mixed in the other data due to fluctuating results it make it easy to spot

    (B) For most laptops there is only one physical space for a drive, commonly 2.5, some new ones may have both a 2.5 bay and a M.2 slot – so typically and on le equipment that is being replaced / upgraded you should can only get a good single SSD as you mentioned – and i agree on the capacity issue

    But for a desktop that has the space that can run 2 physical devices eg 2.5 or 3.5 can run for example a SSD for the boot device, then simply and cheaply buy a tradition HDD – mechanical hard disk drive , for people with games or media files, the price per Gig of a mechanical drive can easliy give you 3 to 5 times the storage space eg the price of say a 240G SSD is the same as a 1T HDD – I call it give and take or best of both worlds

    Again, excellent info as always


  6. Will an SSD help much with a SATA I pc? I ask because I don't see them for SATA I only see SATA II, III? What would be the transfer rate on a SATA I HP PAVILION P6654Y 4GB RAM QUAD Core processor? I know it's old like me! Was think about a 6 core 1055t cpu or 1065t upgrade but don't know if it's worth it with this old PC (1TB VIDEO card also) Merry Christmas

  7. can anyone help me out. i have a 2012 MacBook pro and I'm gonna switch from WD to either 1 500gb SSD from Samsung or remove my dvd reader and install two 250GB SSD drives. im not gonna do anything crazy just everyday use and not much gaming only like minecraft. is it worth it removing dvd reader for a second 250GB SSD drive or one 500GB drive is plenty? i have plenty of space on my 500gb WD so im not using it up at all thanks

  8. I have only a hard drive in my system and I use it mainly to view internet, browsing, YouTube and watching video websites like Hulu and Korean drama websites. I am only using about 55GB total of my Hard Drive.

  9. You did not mention the lifespan of reads/writes for Nand drives nor the software to correct failing/aging and mapping of Nand to ensure data is safe.

  10. I can't thank you enough I have alienware from Dell and I'm going to go for what you said Samsung since it compatible with Dell I just wish you keep something for clone and fake ssd . How to spot it since there are everywhere

  11. You’re like the Mr Rogers or Mr Wizard of tech and I find you almost scary but likable at the same time. I don’t know what that means but I trust you.

  12. none of them, since ram is cheap you simpy create a drive out of them. add a battery so the memory isnt volitile. and voila, you have a ramdrive thats not only FASTER then an ssd.. it has no limited writes.. (wont turn into an expensive doorstop) and can actually be cheaper, givin ran is so cheap here

  13. Honestly you may have 900 videos but total you probably have like 90 topics covered 10 different ways… Which is great for informed purchases not as great for content that makes me want to sit down a relisten to old videos.

  14. Hey tech, crazy idea here but how about more entertaining videos. I love learning (probably more than the next guy if im honest) and I still just see this as a how to be practical channel. It would be awesome if you could wrap entertaining in some how. Been a sub since about 75k however long thats been. Love the content… But if the presentation were more intresting maybe you'd get more views.

  15. Excellent review & I have a simple interesting request. ?Could you look at the performance of four SATA3 SSDs in RAID0? In theory it should be ~3.5x better performance than anyone SATA3 SSD & thus close to NVME M.2 SSDs. Thks TomB

  16. I have a dell inspiron 7567 and im thinking about changing the hdd for an ssd. i intend to use it as my main drive and get a 1tb ssd. anyone have suggestions?

  17. I upgraded my laptop 2.5'' hdd to the MX300 512GB when I saw this video 1 yr ago. Best bang for buck. Still working great to this day. Sick speeds on Win10. Edit: mistake, not 500, was a 300. The 300 was on clearance sale and the 500 not yet in market back then.

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