Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - How to Unlock ALL Characters FAST!
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – How to Unlock ALL Characters FAST!

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has 74 playable characters and 66 of them have to be unlocked. That seems like a big, time consuming task but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips and tricks to quickly unlock all of the playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Thanks Nintendo for making this video possible!

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30 Replies to “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – How to Unlock ALL Characters FAST!”

  1. Hope this video was helpful! If there's anything from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate you would like some tips or tricks on, let me know!

  2. The last method only worked for like 5 characters for me and stopped working. Had anyone else had this problem with the last method?

  3. It did work, but then all of a sudden, It kinda stopped appearing. Idk why it was but now it's not. Has anyone else has this issue

  4. How to do this after 1/1/19 patch:
    Spirits > Adventure > Any Saved Game > Go Into a CPU Fight > Fight CPU > Suicide > Exit Adventure > Challenger Approaches > Defeat Challenger > Close Software > Repeat

  5. Guys there is a quicker method go to world of ligth enter and get out dosent matter how much time you spent in every time you get out there is going to be a new challenger aproaching you can do this until you get the full roster if you dont believe me go trie it

  6. People are so weird. People complain about DLC being just chopped content from a game but want a puss easy quick way to almost max out the game.
    Think I'll just play it and enjoy it.

  7. Guys there is an easier way… Go in games in more and then click on the door and see what happens….
    And plus am I the only person who knows this????

  8. “It’s very creative (World of Light).” You mean 20 hours of straight up versus matches is fun and creative? And people shat on Subspace for being long and boring…

  9. You can just go to “Games & More” and there’s an icon at the bottom right corner that says “Challengers approach “ click on it and there you go! You can unlock characters

  10. Does everyone else have this problem my game only unlocks new characters in the story mode only??? It’s really frustrating I would really like to unlock characters like the third option in this video please help.

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